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Maximizing LinkedIn To Generate Quality Leads For Your Startup

Guest Post | Nov 30, 2021

Growing your business using Linkedin 1 - Maximizing LinkedIn To Generate Quality Leads For Your Startup

The best networking platform where you can make connections with potential customers in your industry is LinkedIn. Also, with LinkedIn, you can get noticed professionally, generate leads online, and create ads. There are several blogs on tips to hire a LinkedIn ads expert, if you are convinced you need one.

However, as a business person or company looking to make connections in your industry, several simple approaches work well. But that’s not all, there are also approaches that do not work.

To make this a balanced discussion, we will consider both sides of the divide, starting with the strategies that do not work.

1.  Having a profile picture of you in a sculling contest or posing in front of an expensive supercar.

Your picture should make people feel warm, showing you’re approachable. The above approach is not ideal because it portrays an image of an unapproachable person who values things more than people. It is not ideal to use a picture of yourself in front of a supercar, except you’re a motor dealer working with high-value exclusive cars.

2.  If you don’t know someone, don’t click the connect button without adding an introductory note.

It would be awkward for a potential contact to agree to connect with a stranger they don’t see as having anything in common. Sending a short message stating why you’re making the connection helps increase your chances of being accepted.

3.  Don’t send a sales pitch immediately after making a connection.

You don’t expect to end up in bed the first night when dating, so don’t ask for it. The relationship takes time to warm up,  and you have to wine and dine until you both feel safe and trust each other. Like dating, if you have a high-value lead on LinkedIn, messaging them first on related issues can nurture the relationship. Generally, work-life rules apply to LinkedIn.

4.  Going for a LinkedIn sales navigator plan is worthwhile if you’re serious about using the platform.

LinkedIn’s sales navigator and professional plans allow you to focus on key contacts and leads, helping you contact them regardless of their positions – first, second, third, or less connected. The freemium version limits daily connections to 50, while the professional plan gives you access to unlimited connections. Also, you can send messages to people you don’t know or who are last your second-level connections with InMails.

Other benefits of the professional plan include:

  • Saving accounts and leads.
  • Keeping track of prospects and unlocking people past your third-degree connections.
  • Helping you when you have nothing in common to use for making contact.
  • You can see who viewed your profile and message them to ask about their interest in your profile.
  • You can use a comprehensive search tool to build a custom list of leads.

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Nevertheless, before sinking your money on a professional sales plan, let’s discuss the basics.

Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is not about you except you’re searching for a new job, and you want to appeal to recruiters. Your potential customers should immediately know what you or your business does from your first line description.

Your Photo

Your profile photo should be professional, with you looking friendly and approachable. You can get a friend to take pictures of you in several warm and approachable poses. A hack for taking a warm photo is to wear your shirt and tie indoors at home and only your underwear. Because of this, forming a wry smile comes easy.

Minding The Title

Your first line is important because it includes the message you want a potential client to take away. Result pages, small and mobile screens highlight only the first line of a LinkedIn profile. Therefore, you have to make it count. Furthermore, as a company or individual, you should check your URL. Instead of linkedin.com/in/YOURNAME/5/792/58, you should change it to linkedin.com/in/YOURNAME or linkedin.com/in/YOURBUSINESSNAME.

Profile Section

When writing your profile, avoid using meaningless, vague adjectives or adverbs. It would be best to focus on what you do and what you or your business can provide potential clients. Keep things simple. Writing like many others won’t make you stand out, especially when you use professional, positive, hardworking, or driven as keywords in your profile.

Profile Banner

In its banner area, LinkedIn provides massive space for showcasing what you or your company do. When using the banner area, you can add a logo, relevant picture, a brief description, and website address.

Several tools are available to help with your banner. For instance, Canva is ideal for adding filters, importing images, and text cropping and overlay. You can further use the tool to send your final image in your needed output size. LinkedIn banners, also known as introduction size, have a specification of not more than 8MB in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. Also, the pixel dimensions should be 1584 (w) x 396 (h).

After setting up the basics discussed, you should add certification, recommendations, awards, and work history experience.


People often underestimate LinkedIn because it is not Facebook. A Facebook company page can help attract leads to your website sales funnel. Nevertheless, LinkedIn is the best tool for attracting B2B clients and promoting your startup. All you have to do is stick to what works and create a sound marketing strategy.


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