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Meatme: Crowdfund a cow, pig, lamb or chicken for dinner

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The Memo | By Kitty Knowles  | June 30 2017

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Local farmers & lower environmental impact.

Eating loads of factory farmed meat isn’t great for your health, animal welfare or the environment.But too often this doesn’t stop us from hankering for a burger.Luckily, Dutch entrepreneur Victor Straatman founded – to help you make better decisions about the meat you do eat.

What is Meatme?

Meatme is an online platform that connects consumers to local farmers to support high quality and ethically raised meats.

You just go to the website, or use the Meatme app and buy a share of an animal. Once the animal’s bought up, you’re sent a box of high quality meat from your local farmer straight to your door.

“It’s like in the old days when people use to split a cow between two families, except Meatme allows it to be shared with many more people, so you can buy a share that actually fits in your fridge in your city apartment.”

Solving a problem

Straatman founded Meatme after moving to Canada, home to 50,000 ‘local’ free-range farms.

You might think this would be the perfect place to source ‘ethical meat’, but when he tried to find local farms online, he was faced with a swamp of poorly designed websites that lacked information or contact details.

Eventually he managed to email a farmer, who replied: “Meet me at the parking lot in North Vancouver in 3 weeks to hand over the meat”. A risk to the farmer, given that he’d placed blind faith in Straatman showing up.

“I realised that this needed to change,” said Straatman.”If we want to grow towards a sustainable food system and source meat with lower environmental footprint, then it should be much easier and convenient.”

The future of food?

Not only does Straatman’s idea have ethical legs, but it’s business-smart.

Shoppers end up with a product that’s (more often than not) superior to what you’d find on the supermarket shelf, and because of Meatme’s low cost structure (it doesn’t own expensive real estate and relies on existing farmers) you pay less for what you get.

Meatme is now raising money from investors to scale across Canada and North America – and its system has been designed so it can be set up anywhere in the world.

In five years Straatman aims to be supporting thousands of farmers over more than 30 Meatme locations.

“We dream of a world with a massive reduction in meat consumption – with no place for factory farms – where we have an abundance of meat alternatives and only eat meat in small quantities,” says Straatman.

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share save 171 16 - Meatme: Crowdfund a cow, pig, lamb or chicken for dinner

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