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Michael Katchen and Rachel Zimmer Launch Simple Ventures

Launch | March 6, 2024

Simple Ventures launch - Michael Katchen and Rachel Zimmer Launch Simple Ventures

Image: Simple Ventures

Simple Ventures Promises to Ignite Canadian Innovation with Global Ideas

Toronto, March 6, 2024 - a pioneering venture studio, Simple Ventures, has officially launched with a mission to revolutionize the Canadian startup landscape. Co-founded by prominent entrepreneurs Rachel Zimmer (CEO) and Michael Katchen (Chair), Simple Ventures aims to fill the gaps left by international companies deterred by local complexities.

Unlike traditional venture capital, Simple Ventures scouts globally for products and services missing in Canada, partnering with founders and investors to localize these innovations.  Supported by over 30 esteemed Canadian entrepreneurs and corporate investors, including names from Wealthsimple, Knix, Shopify, and Sobeys Inc, the studio has a strong foundation for fostering entrepreneurship.

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The venture studio has plans to launch several startups in wellness, digital health, and more with their first portfolio company, Alma Care, who is addressing unmet needs in the Canadian market, offering comprehensive support for new parents.

Are Venture Studios The Next Big Thing?

The venture studio model, also known as a startup studio or venture builder, is an innovative approach to entrepreneurship and startup creation. It combines company building with venture funding, offering a more integrated support system for entrepreneurs. Below are some key points about the venture studio model:

  • Venture studios create and launch multiple businesses by providing initial capital, operational support, and expertise. Their goal is to found as many successful startups as possible from the ground up.
  • The venture studio market has experienced a 625% growth over the last 7 years, indicating its increasing popularity and success rate.
  • According to the Global Startup Studio Network, startups launched from studios have a 30% higher success rate compared to traditional methods. Almost every company launched from a venture studio raises a seed round, and 72% of those go on to raise Series A financing.

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  • While 47% of venture studios are 'vertical agnostic', meaning they don't focus on a specific industry, many concentrate on technology-centric companies in areas like financial services, industrial manufacturing, logistics, and more. Technology-driven startups, especially those exploring AI, IoT, and DLT use cases, are of particular interest.


Simple Ventures promises to be a catalyst for bringing the world's most transformative ideas to Canada, promising a brighter, innovation-driven future for Canadians.

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