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Montreal Event (Sep 2, 2014): MTL NewTech – Crowdfunding + startups

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Mtl NewTech | Heri Rakotomalala | Aug 30, 2014

Montreal NewTech Sep event - Montreal Event (Sep 2, 2014):  MTL NewTech - Crowdfunding + startups


The Pebble Watch, Oculus Rift, or more recently, Vanhawks, Hexoskin, we've all heard the extraordinary stories of entrepreneurs who've crowdfunded their ideas, reached out to thousands of fans and contributors, and later on raised VC funding or have launched their product successfully worldwide.

After a month-long hiatus, NewTech is back stronger than ever. We're inviting you to celebrate together local Montréal startups, who've worked relentlessly on their ideas for the past months, and who are now ready to pitch to the public. We've selected them, worked and rehearsed with them so that they get the best pitch possible and get kickstarted in a big a way. And it's not just hardware startups! We've looked hard to get on stage inspiring projects in web, mobile & content.

Come discover what Montreal has best, see what are their strategies to crowdfund -- you will also be welcomed to ask hard questions in Q&A after each presentation!



We've heard stories of crowdfunders who completely missed on their deadlines, who ran away with the precious funds, or worse who had to close doors because their campaign was a public failure.

We've also heard about crowdfunding being not legal in Canada.

From the story of the potato salad to the tales of products who'd never see the light if crowdfunding wasn't there, NewTech will feature a panel of crowdfunding experts & crowdfunded entrepreneurs who will explore the amazing potential of crowdfunding (both equity and rewards model), as well as the limits. If you have a startup, you will have to take notes at this panel. Come hear their lessons, their presonal stories, what they learned from the failures, and how they see the future.

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NewTech - it's about celebrating new startups, but it's mostly YOU! NewTech is a unique opportunity to meet a crowd of 300 or so entrepreneurs, engineers, students, investors, bloggers, investors, and also up & coming Montréalers and foreigners who want to check out what's up with the Montreal tech startup scene. Come mingle with us, take a drink, and discuss what you are working on. From 5.30pm to 6.30pm & onwards from 8.30pm to 10pm, you will have ample time to meet amazing Montréal entrepreneurs. Who knows? You might collaborate together.

Here are just a few names at the event :

- NewTech
- SDEVM funder
- Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation, government
- City of Montréal, municipal
- Real Ventures, funder 
- iNovial Capital, funder 
- Techvibes media 
- LesAffaires media
- Montreal Tech Watch media 
- La Commune, coworking space
- as well as hundreds of founders & progammers

// Schedule 

5.30pm Doors open & we will begin with a networking session
6.30pm Startup Demos
7.30pm Panel : Crowdfunding + Startups
8.30pm Stay for networking! We will have free drinks & snacks for everyone


// Hashtag

The hashtag for the event is #MTLNewTech


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share save 171 16 - Montreal Event (Sep 2, 2014):  MTL NewTech - Crowdfunding + startups

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