Montreal Seminar (Sep 30, Oct 6): 2 Dates, 2 Crowdfunders

DFY Consulting | Diana Yazidjian | Sep 23, 2015

Crowdfunding event in montreal DFY consulting 300x172 - Montreal Seminar (Sep 30, Oct 6):  2 Dates, 2 Crowdfunders

Seminar:  2 Dates, 2 Crowdfunders

Where:  Dok Station: 1176 Bishop, Montreal, Qc H3G 2E3

When:  September 30, October 6

A three-hour crash course on raising funds on a crowdfunding platform. No longer an obscure concept, Crowdfunding has been helping thousands of projects every day. Quebec is no exception. Entrepreneurs are choosing this model to finance their dream and it works!

During this 3-hour crash course, I’ll walk you through the entire process from what to do prior to campaign launch to the follow-up, and everything in-between:

  1. How to make your story contagious and the principles of story-telling
  2. Budgeting your project and perks costs
  3. The empty restaurant theory or the infamous 30%
  4. Marketing your campaign and yourself.
  5. The “after-crowdfunding” service

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You will also have access to crowdfunders who have successfully raised and who will come share their experience. François Poirier, founder of MakerBloks, and Thoma Daneau, creator of Bikestrap September 30 and October 6 respectively.

Espresso and lattes are on the house!

Note: Session is in French. Question period will be in both French and English.

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