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MSP pricing model – Why is this model the best option for you?

Guest Post | Aug 20, 2022

Managing a global pricing strategy - MSP pricing model – Why is this model the best option for you?

Pricing is one of the most important aspect of any service that you are providing. Especially if it is managed IT services the pricing matters a lot. The MSP pricing is a way to increase the profitability and it is preferred for various different reasons. MSP pricing is not only beneficial for the company but also attracts a lot more customers. There are various different pricing models that are considered by the managed IT companies and managed service providers.

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If you are wondering about the preferred pricing models, you can take a look at the article below. We have compiled all the information about the preferred and the most common types of pricing models that are usually preferred by IT companies and also by the customers.

Per device pricing

The most common and the easiest way is quota prices based on the per device pricing. It is usually a flat price that any company will charge the client. This is why most people like and prefer this pricing model because of the flat fee and it gives margin to the supplier or the business owner as well.

Per user pricing

Another type of pricing model is the per user pricing. It is similar to how the per device pricing model works. However, the only difference is that the flat fee is charged per user and not based on the device. Most of the customers prefer  this kind of pricing model because it is comparatively cheaper, and based on the particular user, the flat fee is charged monthly or yearly.

Value based pricing model

Value based pricing model is the next type of pricing model which is also counted as the flat fee pricing model. It is one of the most comprehensive model for the IT services providers. This pricing model is not only aimed towards working on the pain points and quick results but also taking care of the potential risk and the vulnerabilities.

How to choose a particular pricing model?

When considering to choose the MSP pricing models, it is very important to consider not only the business objective but also how the particular pricing model will help your business. The particular pricing model should be chosen over cost and scalability. You should also do your research about the target market segment and the technology that you are selling. The competition matters a lot as well. Matching your pricing model with the competitor’s pricing model is important to ensure you are leveraging the competitive edge.

So to get the competitive edge, it is important that you do your research and find out what kind of pricing model a particular managed IT solutions Calgary is using. This will ensure that you are not charging higher than your competitors and you are in the competition for not only gaining profit but also the customers.

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