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[NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]: Fintech Bridge: Canada – Hong Kong

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Join NCFA, InvestHK, and growing list of speakers on February 24th from 2:00 - 4:00PM EST (time zone) for this inaugural Fintech Bridge event curated to foster global market insights, export intelligence, international connections, and strengthen Canadian fintechs looking to expand globally to Hong Kong/Asia.  Asian markets have grown rapidly over the past decade and Canadian fintechs need to consider expanding globally to find new customers, revenue and partnership channels to remain sustainable long term and capture value at scale.  There are many global fintech hubs in the world to consider expanding to whether that be digitally or via satellite office.  Not all are created equal.  Join your colleagues and peers and explore access to capital, gateway to Asia, partnership channels, and Fintech growth opportunities in Hong Kong.









Thursday, February 24, 2022

2:00 - 4:00PM+ EST (time zone)

Virtual format | Free registration

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Fintech in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Asia's most vibrant, diverse and agile tech hubs with robust infrastructure, access to talent, and renown international financial centre with over 400,000 Canadians living and working there today.  With a progressive fintech regulatory environment, world class capital markets, sandboxes, government funding, a 'get business done' innovation and entrepreneurial culture, and strong economic ties to emerging markets and China's belt and road initiative linking Mainland China with countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it's no surprise that Hong Kong is home to many successful high growth global fintechs from deeptech, digital assets and decentralized payments to financial services infrastructure and insurtech sectors.

Startups in Hong Kong by Major Country

hong kong startup ecosystem by country - [NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]:  Fintech Bridge:  Canada - Hong Kong

For the past decade, Hong Kong has consistently ranked among the top 10 on the Global Financial Centres Index's (GFCI)

  • Asset and wealth management AUM $28.7 trillion HKD (or $4.60 trillion CAD)
  • Banking total assets $24.5 trillion HKD (or $4 trillion CAD)
  • Digital payments total transaction volume $128 billion HKD (or $20.92 billion CAD)
  • Insurance total gross premiums $514 billion HKD (or $84 billion CAD)
  • SMEs total import/export $8.7 trillion HKD (or $1.42 trillion CAD)

Learn more about Fintech in Hong KongStartup Ecosystem

AGENDA:  FEBRUARY 24  ~2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST (time zone) + Networking until Close

2:00  Kickoff intro and welcome

2:05  Presentation:  Fintech Innovation in HK, Raising capital, Dispelling myths, InvestHK Opportunities and Incentives

2:20  Panel:  Company perspectives on expansion opportunities in HK/Asia - What to expect

3:00  Fireside:  Hong Kong startup/scale-up ecosystem and local expert insights

3:20  Panel:  Investor Perspectives:  Hot fintech sectors / emerging technologies and expanding to HK/Asia

4:00  Networking until Close


  • Christopher Hui, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (more)
  • Karim Hirji, CFO Intact Financial Corp Canada, MD Intact Ventures (more)
  • Michelle Morgan, CEO, AdvancedAIS (more)
  • Peter Misek, Co-Founder & Partner, Framework Venture Partners (more)
  • Calvin Cheng, Founder and CEO, Wizpresso (more)
  • Karen Contet, Co-Founder & CEO, AngelHub - WHub (more)
  • Chris Chen, InvestHK Canada, Head of Investments (more)
  • Hugh Chow, Partner, Radiant Tech Ventures (more)
  • Shidan Gouran, Principal, Gulf Pearl LTD. (more)
  • Catherine Shiang, Asia Capital Advisor, Ltd. (more)
  • Mathias Bock, PhD, COO, Sericin Limited (more)
  • Alixe Cormick, President, Venture Law Corporation (more)
  • Craig Asano, Founder and CEO, NCFA Canada (more)
NCFA InvestHK Fintech Bridge Canada Hong Kong Feb 24 speaker collage2 resize - [NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]:  Fintech Bridge:  Canada - Hong Kong
Fintech Bridge Canada Hong Kong networking  - [NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]:  Fintech Bridge:  Canada - Hong Kong


  • Join us for liberated virtual networking in a dedicated event networking space (audio/video)
  • Mingle and participate in existing 'networking circles' or create your own topical circle
  • Supports chat functionality with everyone, within a circle or privately with select attendees
  • Connect with companies, investors, innovators and groups that can help you expand your business overseas - see you there!


  • Diversify and gain insights into industry innovations, your venture, your competition
  • Grow faster and make more money
  • Expand your target market, global valuation and support your firms growth
  • Challenge your existence (makes you stronger)
  • Improve productivity, resilience, and ability to compete
  • Source new talent and investment resources
going global - [NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]:  Fintech Bridge:  Canada - Hong Kong

Who is this event for?  (Register now)

  • Startups and scale-ups interested in expanding to Hong Kong and Asia
  • Investors interested in emerging deal flow and global fintech and financing partnerships in Canada - Hong Kong/Asia
  • Vendors and service providers that help Canadian firms expand to Hong Kong/Asia
  • Innovators interested in connecting with Hong Kong resources and networks

Learn about the current HK environment, business case and opportunities for expanding to HK/Asia from a variety of perspectives including investors

  • Learn the latest updates on the geopolitical situation in HK for Canadian entrepreneurs (dispelling myths)
  • Learn about the Hong Kong financial services landscape, connections to Canada, China, and Asia
  • Learn avenues to raise capital including InvestHK and partner investment channels, programs and incentives available for Canadian firms
  • Learn what fintech sectors and emerging technologies are hot (or not) in HK/Asia in 2022

Learn what to expect from those that have successfully expanded to Hong Kong

  • Learn about Hong Kong's startup and scale-up ecosystem
  • Learn insights and stories from entrepreneurs who successfully expanded to Hong Kong
  • Insights on operationalizing and participating in the Hong Kong financial services ecosystem
  • Insights on competing for market share, clients and growing you business in Hong Kong and what to expect when springingboarding to other Asian regions

Connect with InvestHK ecosystem and other resources

  • Network and ask questions to Canada - Hong Kong experts
  • Did you know there are more than 400,000 Canadians living in HK today?
  • Learn about export resources that can help including any upcoming fintech trade missions to Hong Kong and what to expect



Looking forward to seeing you there!

Organizing team


Register button  - [NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]:  Fintech Bridge:  Canada - Hong Kong
share save 171 16 - [NCFA-InvestHK Virtual Event Feb 24]:  Fintech Bridge:  Canada - Hong Kong

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