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NCFA’s Fintech Confidential Issue 3 (Dec 2020) is here! Happy Holidays…

NCFA | Craig Asano | Dec 17, 2020

Fintech Confidential issue 3 cover - NCFA's Fintech Confidential Issue 3 (Dec 2020) is here!  Happy Holidays...Dear Global Fintech & Funding Communities,

The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada (NCFA) and partners are excited to present Vol. 1 Issue 3, FINTECH CONFIDENTIAL, a digital pop-up of the 6th annual 2020 Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo (FFCON20) held virtually across themed 8 weeks from July 9 to August 27 and co-hosted by NCFA and Toronto Finance International.

The main theme of FFCON20 was “RISE”, reflecting the joint efforts of the two associations, NCFA and TFI, to build and increase the success and sustainability of Canada’s fintech and financial sector.   There were many moving parts this year and a brand-new digital format with the event bringing together 100+ thought leaders, 50+ partners, and more than 500 attendees, 2 challenges and the inaugural Fintech Draft pitching and demo competitions.  Congratulations to the winners:  SolidBlock and MazumaGo (formerly DivDot)!  Thanks to all the partners, speakers, attendees, volunteers and the entire organizing team for making FFCON20 an impactful and amazing online experience for Canada’s fintech and funding community.

Despite a challenging year for many, the fintech industry continues to demonstrate its resilience, creative capacity, and thirst to create valuable partnerships and financial products/services that benefit millions of consumers, small businesses, and the economy.  As covid accelerates the adoption of digital trends, it has spotlighted the social and economic gaps that saw fintechs pivot to work on supportive solutions from mobilizing low-cost capital campaigns to personal finance apps that help users better manage their finances, spending, savings, and investment habits.

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Digital identity, CBDCs (and digital assets), AI, and sustainable finance are all taking off as governments and industry work to collaborate on overhauling Canada’s digital infrastructure, data rights, privacy and standards that will set the stage for years to come.  The second round of open banking consultations that were delayed due to the pandemic were suddenly announced in November with many organizations, fintechs and incumbent banks coming together to discuss the scope, governance, implementation, and accreditation of a made in Canada OB solution.  We urge the OB committee to remain laser-focused on consumer interests while looking globally for insights to implement a principles-based, inclusive, broad-scoped and competitive framework as swiftly as possible.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Fintech Confidential magazine – it certainly makes for great holiday reading!  While everyone relentlessly strives to achieve success in 2021, we encourage you to bring in the new year with good health and to be mindful that we are all in this together, and to help others in your community more than ever before.  Peace, happiness, and best wishes for an incredible year and journey ahead.

All the best
Craig Asano
Founder and CEO
NCFA Canada

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