New Crowdfunding Project to Benefit Canadian University Students

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A new project aims to publish and distribute an inspiring book to every university in Canada to help address the high depression rate among university students. The "Dream This" project has just launched at Indiegogo, an online crowdfunding platform, and welcomes input and funding for the book's production and distribution.

There are 94 universities in Canada, and my ultimate goal is to place a copy of Dream This in every university in Canada, thereby providing access to all Canadian university students.

The Dream This project was developed in response to an article in the September edition of Macleans Magazine that describes the high rates of depression and hopelessness among Canadian university students. The project creator, Melanie Steele, believes students need access to new, positive messaging to help them maneuver through the negative culture to find a place of happiness and fulfillment.

The project includes the production of an inspiring book and distribution throughout the country. There are 94 universities in Canada, and the project's ultimate goal is to place a copy of Dream This in every one.

The Dream This project has just launched at Indiegogo, an online crowdfunding platform, where people can support the project until December 3rd. "I'm using Indiegogo to fund the production, printing, and distribution of Dream This," Steele says, "because a huge part of this project's success relies on public participation in the book's content and distribution. Using this platform allows for inclusion and participation that is absent in traditional avenues."

Steele is not only asking for public support, but also public involvement in the project. There are several ways to get involved:


Submit your input and be a part of Dream This. Contribute your thoughts, wisdom, art, poetry, story, etc. that answers the question, "how do you find happiness now?" Simply e-mail, and invite others to do the same. All input will be considered for inclusion in Dream This.


Make a financial contribution to help cover the printing and distribution costs. Note that financial support is not required for participation in the project.


Like most grassroots efforts, the Dream This project will have a more powerful impact if there is a lot of input and support. Share a link to the project page, and encourage others to get involved.

For more information, visit the project page or email