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NFT Fire hose: Educational Resources

NFT educational resources - NFT Fire hose:  Educational Resources

The NFT Canon is a go-to resource for artists and creators, developers, corporations and institutions, communities and other organizations seeking to understand or do more with non-fungible tokens.

It’s a curated list of readings and resources on all things NFTs (inspired by the a16z Crypto Canon), and is organized from the big picture of what NFTs are and why they matter, to how to mint, collect, and do more with them — including various applications such as art, music, gaming, social tokens, and others.

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We will continue to update this as more people try out new things, share their work, or publish resources for learning about NFTs. If you have suggestions for quality pieces to add, let us know @a16z.

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The Big Picture, Beginners Guides, & FAQs

Life Is Non-fungible: The Evolution of Ownership, Assets, and Us  — ownership is deeply human; collectibles for self-expression, identity, money, trade
by Roham Gharegozlou

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans — evolution of the internet and better economics for creators
by Chris Dixon

Stories, Scarcity, and Mimetic Desire — how NFTs turn millions of stories into scarce assets
by Nick Tomaino

A beginner’s guide to NFTs — what they are, why they’re interesting, applications
by Linda Xie

What is an NFT? — properties of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens
by Devin Finzer

All about NFTs — the what, why, and how of NFTs, their applications, and process as well as common questions & misconceptions
by Jesse Walden, Linda Xie, Sonal Chokshi

NFTs invert the ownership model of media — offering creators, their audiences, and developers who build for them a viable alternative to platform-driven monetization
by Jesse Walden

NFT subculture — properties of disruptive subcultures
by Denis Nazarov

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