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Online Casinos and Slot Machines These Days

Guest Post | Aug 28, 2022

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Just a few years ago, online casino and slot machine players viewed themselves as two different groups. By and large, the latter wouldn’t “waste” their time playing at places where they wouldn’t get paid for their winnings. The former would also question the point of wasting time traveling to brick-and-mortar casinos, yet they would enjoy the same from the comfort of their home.

That was almost two decades ago. And since then, so much has changed. The developers behind casino online and land-based slot machines seem to have realized that there’s so much the two industries share.

More and more, we are seeing some of the key players at the land-based casinos shifting their services online. We are also seeing online casino software developers bringing to life some of the old slot machine games on the internet. And most importantly, we are witnessing both incorporate gamification into their slot machines.

Gamification of Online Casinos and Slot Machines

Gamification is the new trend taking over the online casino industry. Both online casinos and slot machines of today introduce certain game mechanics and features to promote player-game/casino interaction. It could mean introducing mini-competitions in the games or online casinos with the primary objective of challenging players to compete towards a set goal.

Gamification in online casinos can be seen in the daily, weekly, or monthly tournaments sponsored by the house. In slot machines, it can be seen in interactive in-game bonus rounds where you have to land a set of symbols to unlock the main event, which holds the top prize.

So, how has gamification improved the already entertaining online casino and slot machines?

More Immersive and Adventurous Sessions

We will agree that there are instances where we’ve found ourselves drifting away while playing a game. In some cases, we even choose to use the Autoplay feature while enjoying a slot game.

At a gamified online casino, you won’t have to worry about this. You have to stay focused to progress or enjoy a game. Complete in-game missions, earn points and follow storylines to get the prize. Some of these in-game missions require you to physically play through them. The result is a seriously immersive and adventurous experience.

Leveling Up and Progress

Being able to level up and progress during gameplay has been one of the attractions of playing games. When it was integrated into online casinos and slot machines, this feature introduced an entirely new entertainment aspect.

You can see this in NetEnt’s entertaining Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen slot. First, you trigger the bonus round. After that, you pick a culinary team to compete in a cook-off competition. If it does win, you have the option of collecting the winnings or triggering another exciting game from the Hell’s Kitchen menus. If you win the bonus game, you keep all your winnings and return to the base game.

It sounds easy, right? It is easy. But it also has a lot of thrill. If you lose in any of the two bonus rounds, all the winnings amassed disappear.

More Side Action 

Competition in the online casino industry has led to many improvements in different sectors. Gone are the days when the likes of NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming ruled the industry. Players such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, and Bet365 are no longer the only providers of casino games online.

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With so many options, players have a lot to pick from. For the service providers, it means if you fail to come up with a more captivating game or a tournament that will keep your audience glued, they move on to the next best site. The result is software providers and casino operators offer more activities in their games and platforms.

Side games in slot machines have side games that are simple, fast, and very engaging. For online casinos, there are tournaments with mouth-watering prizes. To make it more alluring, they try to include as many people as possible to win. Instead of, say, 100 top players, they include up to 1,000 players who can win a prize.

Traditional Online Gaming or Gamified Gambling – What’s Better? 

Having stated all these points, it’s clear as day that gamified or modern-day online casino gaming offers more advantages than the traditional form of playing casino games.

But is it something every player will like, or is playing the old-school way still the best option?

The answer to this depends on your preference. But one thing that remains constant is that online casino gaming offers more than what brick-and-mortar casinos do. The most important thing to remember is you need to sign up at a licensed and regulated casino.

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