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OSC Staff Consultation Paper 45-710: Crowdfunding Questions

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Below is a list of Staff Consultation Questions that the OSC is seeking public comment and feedback on until March 8, 2013, as per the OSC Staff Consultation paper 45-710, released on December 14, 2012.

NCFA Canada has been invited to meet directly with the OSC on February 28, 2013 to provide feedback on the Staff Consultation Questions outlined below --  we are currently preparing our response.

Member Participation:  please send us your feedback and detailed responsesto help us prepare a response on your behalf at


General Questions:

  • Would a crowdfunding exemption be useful for issuers, particularly SMEs, in raising capital?
  • Have we recognized the potential benefits of this exemption for investors?
  • What would motivate an investor to make an investment through crowdfunding?
  • Can investor protection concerns associated with crowdfunding be addressed, and if so, how?
  • What measures, if any, would be the most effective at reducing the risk of potential abuse and fraud?
  • Are there concerns with retail investors making investments that are illiquid with very limited options for monetizing their investments?
  • Are there concerns with SMEs that are not reporting issuers having a larger number of security holders?
  • If we determine that crowdfunding may be appropriate for our market, should we consider introducing it on a trial or limited basis?  For example, should we consider introducing it for a particular industry sector, for a limited time period or through a specified portal?

Issuer Restrictions:

  • Should there be a limit on the amount of capital that can be raised under this exemption?  If so, what should the limit be?
  • Should issuers be required to spend the proceeds raised in Canada?

Investor Protections:

  • Should there be limits on the amount that an investor can invest under this exemption?  If so, what should the limit be?
  • What information should be provided to investors at the time of sale as a condition of this exemption?  Should that information be certified and by whom?
  • Should issuers that rely on this exemption be required to provide ongoing disclosure to investors?  If so, what form should this disclosure take?
  • Should the issuer be required to provide audited financial statements to investors at the time of the sale or on an ongoing basis?  Is the proposed threshold of $500,000 for requiring audited financial statements (in the case of a non-reporting issuer) appropriate?
  • Should rights and protections, such as anti-dilution protection, tag-along rights and pre-emptive rights, be provided to shareholders?

Funding Portals and other Registrants:

  • Should we allow investments through a funding portal (similar to the funding portals contemplated by the crowdfunding exemption in the JOBS Act)?  If so:
  • What obligations should a funding portal have?
  • Should funding portals be exempt from certain registration requirements?  If so, what requirements should they be exempted from?
  • Should a registrant other than the funding portal be involved in this type of distribution?  If so, what category of registrant?  Should additional obligations be imposed on the registrant?


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share save 171 16 - OSC Staff Consultation Paper 45-710:  Crowdfunding Questions

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