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Peter Cowan Appointed to Lead Innovate BC

News | Feb 5, 2024

Peter Cowan linkedin - Peter Cowan Appointed to Lead Innovate BC

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Innovate BC has appointed Peter Cowan as its new President and CEO, succeeding Raghwa Gopal.

Peter Cowan's appointment as President and CEO of Innovate BC marks a significant milestone for the agency, poised to catalyze innovation and economic growth within British Columbia's tech sector. Cowan, with his extensive background in intellectual property (IP) strategy and leadership within Canada's innovation ecosystem, brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

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Peter Cowan has over 25 years of experience across Canada's innovation ecosystem and brings a deep expertise in intellectual property strategy and operations.  His past roles include the interim CEO at Intellectual Property Ontario and founding Northworks IP.   Also, Cowan's role as a board member and co-founder of the Innovation Asset Collective highlights his commitment to aiding small and medium-sized businesses in the cleantech sector with their IP needs. His efforts have contributed to over 70 patents filed in the clean energy sector, reflecting a deep understanding of the importance of IP in driving innovation and commercial success​​.

Cowan's previous tenure as interim CEO at Intellectual Property Ontario and his involvement in launching the agency underscores his adeptness at fostering innovation and supporting IP strategy development. His leadership helped in creating programs that maximized the value of IP for researchers and companies, thereby strengthening their ability to scale and compete globally​​.

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Given Cowan's rich history in IP management and strategy, his leadership at Innovate BC is expected to emphasize the significance of intellectual property in innovation, aiding local startups, and scaleups in navigating the complexities of IP. This focus is anticipated to enhance the province's innovation ecosystem, encouraging the development of new technologies and supporting the growth of BC's economy.

Cowan's appointment is a promising development for Innovate BC, signaling a future where intellectual property and innovation strategically align to propel British Columbia's tech sector forward.

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