Presentation Decks from #CCS2016

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Thank you for attending the 2016 Canadian Crowdfunding Summit (#CCS2016)!


CCS2016 collage - Presentation Decks from #CCS2016


Individual CCS2016 Presentation Decks:

  1. Morning Keynote: What Does It Take for Crowdfunding to Succeed in a Country?
    by Bill Morrow, Angels Den (download presentation)
  2. Canadian & Global Markets: Market Data, Trends and Key Indicators
    by Douglas Cumming, Schulich School of Business (download presentation) and Teri Kirk, Funding Portal (download presentation)
  3. The Sharing Economy: 3 Things I Learned About Disruptive Innovation as an UberX Driver by Ted Graham, PwC (download presentation)
  4. Trust and Transparency in the Internet of Money by Bernd Petak, Finstripe (download presentation)
  5. Diversity in Crowdfunding: Unlocking Exponential Value by Amy Cortese, Locavesting (download presentation)
  6. What P2P Lending Means For The Future Of Banking by Cato Pastoll, Lending Loop (download presentation)
  7. Crowdfunding for Virtual Reality: A Billion Dollar Opportunity? by Christopher Charlesworth, HiveWire (download presentation)
  8. How Equity Crowdfunding Will Change Private and Public Markets Forever by Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Frontfundr (download presentation)
  9. Generation #Selfie by Ryan Laidlaw, LendingArch and Sophie Nicolaou, LendingArch (download presentation)
  10. Industry Experts and Regulatory Perspectives: What to Expect in 2016? by Alixe Cormick, Venture Law Corporation; Daryl Hatton, Fundrazr; Monica Kowal, Ontario Securities Commission; Jason Saltzman, Dentons and Kevin Sandhu, Grow (download presentation)
  11. Meet & Greet with Dentons: Crowd Financing Options for Start-Ups by Kris Miks and Jason Saltzman, Dentons (download presentation)
  12. Big Data Investment Trends and Digital Finance Technologies by Asier Ania, HiveWire; Steven Dryall, Incipient Technologies (download presentation); Craig O'Neill, Versapay (download presentation) and Angela Wang, UnionPay Smart (download presentation)
  13. Presentation & Discussion by OSC: Ontario's Crowdfunding Regime (MI 45-108) by Maria Carelli and Rick Whiler, Ontario Securities Commission (download presentation)
  14. Hosted by NexusCrowd: Crowdfunding Real Estate Primer for Accredited Investors by Hitesh Rathod, NexusCrowd (download presentation)
  15. Hot Vertical: Real Estate Crowdfunding, an Emerging New Asset Class by Brooks Barnett, Real Property Association of Canada; Ann Kaplan, Brix RCR; Amar Nijjar, R2Crowd and Hitesh Rathod, NexusCrowd (download presentation)
  16. Making the Most of Every Dollar Raised: Financial Planning for SMEs by Darryl Irwin and Alan Lio, PwC (download presentation)


Available Live Pitching Presentation Decks:

  1. Comfable by Neda Ghazi (download presentation)
  2. Flipd by Andres Moreno (download presentation)
  3. Pinnguaq by Ryan Oliver (download presentation)
  4. Riipen by Richard Tuck (download presentation)
  5. Rna Diagnostics by John Connolly (download presentation)
  6. SmartHalo by Xavier Peich (download presentation)
  7. Stashbelt by Jonah Brotman (download presentation)
  8. The Sharing Depot by Ryan Dyment (download presentation)
  9. Vizwik by Simon Gauvin (download presentation)
  10. Yirego Technology by Megan Savage (download presentation)
  11. NERv by Amr Abdelgawad (download presentation)


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share save 171 16 - Presentation Decks from #CCS2016