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Crypto Payment Processing

CoinPayments is a payment processor allowing merchants to accept Bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins in their store through easy to use plugins, APIs and POS interfaces. With over 1 million users across 230 countries around the world, is most comprehensive multi-cryptocurrency platform available online.

CoinPayments Services

Payment Platform Features

We are constantly innovating to be at the forefront of this emerging technology and have created numerous features and services beneficial to the users of our platform. Our most notable features include:

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Crypto Payments

We charge a 0.5% fee for all merchant transactions and provide a seamless integration of our payment processing service for the most common ecommerce platforms through plugins and well documented APIs.

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Crypto Conversions

We offer conversions for the majority of coins we support, through a simple and easy to use interface. We also offer merchants automated functionality to convert altcoins to bitcoin or another coin or settle out to fiat through 3rd party gateways.

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Multi-Coin Wallets

We offer a hosted wallet with send/receive/store functionality for all coins we support. We add another layer of security with our free vaulting service to set a time lock on your wallets. Use our unique $PayByName feature to send any coin to a user’s PayByName instead of complicated deposit addresses.

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Run or Participate in ICOs

CoinPayments ICO Service

Whether you’re looking to run your own ICO and want to accept crypto payments or if you’re looking to participate in ICOs hosted by CoinPayments, we help facilitate this through our CPS ICOs marketplace.

Coin Hosting

Increase Your Coin’s Reach

CoinPayments is constantly integrating new coins onto our platform, so if you have a coin you want to start accepting in your store or if you are a developer working on a coin and looking to increase user adoption, CoinPayments can help by hosting your coin on our platform.

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For the latest news on crypto and payments and the latest official CoinPayments announcements make sure to read our Blog and follow us on Twitter and our RSS Feed.

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