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Profile: The Equibit Group


Securities on the Blockchain

Equibit Group is the company that developed the Equibit coin (EQB) and an initial product suite for application of the open-source Equibit network. This decentralized application of blockchain technology enables a worldwide, peer-to-peer equity and debt marketplace.

Companies- Issuers

Raise capital peer-to-peer on the blockchain and save time and money.



A free Equibit portfolio lets you access investment opportunities on the blockchain.


Service Providers

Partner with us and apply blockchain technology to change the securities industry.


Exchanges & Miners

Equibits (EQB) coin will disrupt the global market infrastructure business. Be part of it!


The Blockchain of Capital

In much the same way that Bitcoin applied digital technology to currency and payments, Equibit eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and third-party facilitation from depositories or transfer agents. Intermediaries are removed as the Equibit network connects issuers with investors directly. Registration, transfer, settlement and investor relations can all be managed securely and digitally within a decentralized environment.

The Equibit Vision

Our vision is for the world of finance to move onto the internet, with massic public blockchains acting as the ultimate registration systems for intangible assets. This is a place where anyone can transfer value without the need for an intermediary, and that’s as valuable to a bank or brokerage as it is to an individual person, perhaps even more so.

The Coin to Disrupt Capital Markets

Enabling blockchain-based issuances and providing access to Equibit Group’s suite of products, EQB, the network’s native token, will allow for the disruption of global capital markets.

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