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R/Note: Tokenized VC Dividends on Avalanche

Security Token | Nov 20, 2023

Republic R Note - R/Note: Tokenized VC Dividends on Avalanche

Image: Republic R/Note Whitepaper

Republic Crypto is set to launch a revenue-sharing tokenized security, R/Note, on the Avalanche blockchain

R/Note stands out as a security token (read Whitepaper), distinct from the myriad of non-security crypto tokens. Its primary function is to distribute stablecoin dividends to investors from Republic's venture portfolio. This approach is a part of the growing trend of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs), such as bonds or private funds, onto blockchain platforms.

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The choice for hosting R/Note on Avalanche network is strategic. Its capabilities, particularly in setting up controllable subnets, make it ideal for managing digital securities. These subnets can be tailored to comply with the regulatory requirements associated with digital securities.

R/Note will enable Republic to distribute up to 25% of its dividend pool to token holders. This distribution will occur whenever Republic exits a successful investment, ensuring investors receive their pro-rata share.

Republic's approach to tokenized securities is designed to be more accessible and viable than previous models. The company's integrated structure for issuing and trading these assets in-house is a key differentiator, offering a streamlined and efficient process for investors.

With $30 million already raised in a public sale, R/Note is poised to make a significant impact once it goes live on the Avalanche blockchain. Plans for a secondary market are also in the pipeline, further enhancing its appeal.

Challenges of Security Tokens

Security tokens, which represent digital ownership in a real-world asset and are subject to regulatory oversight, have faced several challenges in the past, such as:

  • One of the most significant hurdles for security tokens has been navigating the complex and often unclear regulatory landscape. Different jurisdictions have varying regulations regarding security tokens making it difficult for issuers and investors to understand their legal standing, thus hindering market growth
  • The market for these tokens is relatively small compared to traditional securities or more established cryptocurrencies. This lack of liquidity can lead to wider bid-ask spreads and difficulty in buying or selling large quantities without affecting the market price.
  • There has been a general lack of awareness and understanding of what security tokens are and the benefits they offer - think perception and trust.
  • The technology and infrastructure required to issue, manage, and trade security tokens are still developing - think security and user-friendliness.
  • Integrating blockchain-based assets like security tokens with traditional financial systems and regulations including issues like custody, compliance, and reporting requirements.


By bridging the gap between traditional venture capital and the digital asset space, R/Note offers a unique opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios into crypto and blockchain.

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