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ReliablyME Launches AI Accountability Coach GPT, Blending Philosophy & Tech

NCFA Member Innovation Spotlight | Nov 28, 2023


ReliablyME website - ReliablyME Launches AI Accountability Coach GPT, Blending Philosophy & Tech

ReliablyME launches an AI-powered Accountability Coach GPT blending ancient philosophical wisdom and modern AI technology to offer a unique approach to personal and professional development.

  • The ReliablyME Accountability Coach GPT is now accessible through ChatGPT Plus.
  • The tool is designed for a wide range of users, including professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone interested in disciplined goal-setting and ethical practices. It stands out as an accessible, flexible, and cost-effective coaching solution.
  • Founded in 2018, ReliablyME has been committed to delivering innovative and effective coaching solutions. With its focus on ethical and balanced growth, the company continues to be a leader in developing tools and resources that empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

Example Use Cases

1. Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

Users seek assistance in defining clear, achievable objectives using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) framework. This often involves exploring personal or professional goals, such as improving productivity, pursuing a new skill, or achieving a specific fitness target. Accountability Coach GPT guides users in formulating these goals in a manner that is aligned with Stoic principles of focusing on what is within their control and Taoist concepts of flowing with natural tendencies.

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2. Developing Resilience and Mindfulness

Many users are interested in cultivating a resilient mindset and a more mindful approach to life, drawing upon Stoic practices for coping with adversity and Taoist principles for living in harmony with the natural world. This can include strategies for managing stress, dealing with unexpected life changes, or simply cultivating a more peaceful and focused state of mind.

3. Navigating Life Transitions and Decision-Making

Users often seek guidance during significant life changes or when facing important decisions. Here, the blend of Stoic and Taoist philosophies is particularly helpful. Stoicism provides a framework for accepting change and focusing on one’s response to it, while Taoism offers insights into intuitive decision-making and aligning actions with the natural course of events.

Unsplash Miquel Parera 1 year ago - ReliablyME Launches AI Accountability Coach GPT, Blending Philosophy & Tech

Image: Unsplash/Miquel Parera

Structured Approach to Accountability Coaching

Managing and encouraging commitments as the ReliablyME Accountability Coach GPT involves a structured approach that integrates philosophical principles with practical goal-setting and tracking methods. Here's how it might manage and encourage your commitments:

Step 1 - Understanding and Clarifying Motivations

Start by engaging users in discussions to understand their underlying motivations and desires. This helps in aligning their commitments with their true interests and values, which is crucial for long-term adherence and success.

Step 2 - Setting SMART Objectives

Guide users to define their commitments using the SMART framework (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). This ensures that goals are clear, realistic, and trackable, which increases the likelihood of commitment adherence.

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Step 3 - Incorporating Stoic and Taoist Principles

  • Stoicism: Emphasize the Stoic principle of focusing on what is within one's control. This helps in setting realistic commitments and developing resilience against external factors that might hinder progress.
  • Taoism: Incorporate Taoist concepts of intuitive goal setting and Wu Wei (effortless action). This approach encourages users to align their commitments with their natural tendencies and flow, making them more manageable and in harmony with their life circumstances.

Step 4 - Encouraging Presence and Mindfulness

Through Stoic and Taoist practices, encourage users to be present and mindful. This helps them stay focused on their commitments and be aware of their progress and the challenges they face.

Step 5 - Journaling and Reflection

Regular journaling and reflection are encouraged to track progress, understand challenges, and acknowledge achievements. This self-reflection is a critical component of accountability and helps in maintaining commitment.

Step 6 - Adapting to Change

Guide users in developing flexibility and adaptability, crucial for maintaining commitments amidst life's inevitable changes. This includes revisiting and adjusting goals as necessary.

Step 7 - Regular Follow-ups and Accountability Checks

Conclude conversations with a commitment to a follow-up schedule. Users are encouraged to book check-in calls (using the provided Calendly link) to review progress and adapt future commitments. This regular check-in promotes accountability and continuous engagement with their goals.

Step 8 - Commitment Summary

At the end of each session, provide a summary of the conversation, including the commitments, plans, and key philosophical points. This summary is used by the user for their Calendly reservation, ensuring they have a clear record of their commitments and progress.

Unsplash Mathias Jensen Reach the top - ReliablyME Launches AI Accountability Coach GPT, Blending Philosophy & Tech

Image: Unsplash/Mathias Jensen

Looking Forward

By combining these strategies, ReliablyME's Accountability Coach GPT can help users not only set and manage their commitments but also develop a mindset and habits that support lifelong personal growth and development.

For more information, visit the website or Founder and CEO of ReliablyME (NCFA member) Alex Todd, contact

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