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Robinhood Acquires AI Platform Pluto Capital Inc

M&A | Investing Services | Jul 8, 2024

Robinhood Acquires Pluto release image - Robinhood Acquires AI Platform Pluto Capital Inc

Robinhood and Pluto (Image: Robinhood)

Robinhood Acquires AI Platform Pluto to Democratize Personalized Financial Advice for All Investors

Robinhood recently announced the acquisition of Pluto Capital inc., an AI-driven investment advice platform, which has the potential to democratize finance by providing personalized investment strategies and real-time analytics to a broader audience.

Pluto's AI Driven Feature Set

  • Pluto uses leading large language models (LLMs) with access to real-time personal and international financial data to effectively process and interpret market data. As a result, Robinhood users will be able to spot trends and opportunities more quickly, giving them a competitive advantage.
  • Pluto's algorithms examine variables including past performance, investing objectives, and risk tolerance to personalize individualized investment plans to each unique customer profile. With the help of this function, users of Robinhood can obtain suggestions that are highly tailored to their own financial needs.
  • Real-time updates and insights are provided to investors, facilitating well-informed decision-making for portfolio optimization. Customer portfolios can be continuously improved for better results, balancing growth and risk in accordance with personal preferences, with the help of AI-driven analysis.

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Mayank Agarwal, VP of Engineering, Robinhood:

“We are thrilled to welcome Pluto and Jacob Sansbury to Robinhood.  They have built an impressive platform that is highly regarded in the financial services industry. Importantly, their expertise in artificial intelligence coupled with a mission-aligned passion to democratize finance will complement our team’s effort to bring AI powered tools to our customers.”

Democratizing Financial Information for Retail Investors

Access to optimized personal financial portfolios previously only exclusively available to richer clients—will become more accessible to a wider audience with the integration of Pluto's AI capabilities into Robinhood's ecosystem. There will be other noteworthy effects from this levelling of the playing fields:

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  • More people will be able to engage in the financial markets more actively since they will have access to advanced investment instruments and guidance.
  • Retail investors will have access to the same superior information and insights as larger investors (i.e. institutions), enabling them to make more confident and well-informed investment decisions.
  • By making sophisticated financial instruments more accessible to a larger group of people, the disparity between affluent and less affluent investors may be reduced.


Pluto's advanced AI capabilities will be integrated, giving every day investors access to tools and insights that were previously only available to their richer clientele. This will promote financial inclusion and will help lessen gaps in investment returns. With AI technology developing at a rapid pace for retail investors, Robinhood is well positioned to capture the value by enabling complex investment tools available to all investors.

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