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‘Score’ Dating App for Financially Savvy Singles

Innovation | Feb 20, 2024

Introducing 'SCORE' App: A New Approach to Dating and Financial Wellness

In an innovative blend of finance and romance, Neon Money Club has unveiled 'SCORE,' a dating app designed for individuals with good to excellent credit scores.  The app requires users to have a healthy credit score for sign-up, connecting them with financially like-minded individuals.

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This initiative not only fosters meaningful connections based on mutual financial goals but also offers valuable resources for those working towards improving their credit scores and financial literacy.  It goes beyond shared interests to prioritize financial wellness, ensuring users are matched with financially like-minded partners.

Cream Card Features

Neon Money Club's commitment to financial wellness is further exemplified by collaborations like The Cream Card™, a credit card that allows members to convert points into stock market investments. Such innovations underscore the need for creative and diverse voices in the next generation of finance.

  • Cardholders can convert their points to invest in the stock market, specifically in assets like the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, directly through Neon Money Club. This feature is designed to encourage and facilitate personal investment, offering a practical way to engage with financial markets.
  • Neon Money Club matches the points cardholders convert to investments, doubling the value of their investment points.
  • The card is made from 14g of metal with a premium matte finish, emphasizing its luxury status.
  • The card offers a range of benefits, including protection on the Amex network, acceptance at 99% of places in the US that accept credit cards, unlimited 1.5X points on all purchases, and various discounts and offers with partner brands.
  • Applying for the card does not impact the applicant's credit score due to the use of a soft credit check. A hard credit inquiry is only made when the applicant accepts the pre-ordered card.

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Luke Bailey, CEO of Neon Money Club:

"Financial wellness often takes a backseat. At Neon Money Club, our mission is to inject financial awareness into the fabric of everyday life."

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