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Seedrs Restructures 15% of European Workforce

Equity Crowdfunding | Jan 24, 2024

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Seedrs is laying off 15% of its European workforce as part of a restructuring effort. This decision will affect around 15 employees.

As reported by Sifted, Seedrs (part of the US-based Republic) a prominent crowdfunding platform in Europe, has recently reduced its workforce by 15% across Europe. This move is a part of Seedrs' strategic realignment in response to challenging market conditions and is seen as a necessary step for ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the company.

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Founded in 2009 in the UK, Seedrs has played a leadership role in early-stage funding for startups, including notable companies like Revolut. However, the company has faced various challenges recently, including a blocked merger attempt with Crowdcube by the UK competition watchdog in 2021. Subsequently, Seedrs was acquired by Republic in a deal valued at $100 million.

The company is closing its offices in Spain and Sweden, aligning with a strategic shift to focus on areas closer to profitability. Despite these closures, Seedrs will continue to support European companies across the continent, not withdrawing entirely from these markets.

The layoffs, affecting around 15 employees, are part of a broader trend in the venture capital and private equity markets, which have experienced a downturn over the past couple of years. Despite these challenges, some industry observers anticipate a potential rebound in 2024 as interest rates begin to stabilize and investors seek higher returns.

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Recent Investment Platform Innovations

  • Many investment platforms, including Seedrs, have been focusing on integrating advanced digital solutions to streamline the investment process. This includes automating due diligence, investor communications, and post-investment monitoring.
  • Seedrs has been a leader in developing secondary markets for crowdfunding investments, allowing for greater liquidity and exit opportunities for investors. This innovation has been a significant draw for both investors and startups.
  • European platforms are increasingly facilitating cross-border investments, overcoming traditional geographical barriers. Seedrs, for instance, made strides in enabling startups to raise funds across the EU, UK, and the US.
  • Some platforms are exploring the use of blockchain technology for tokenization of assets, which can offer more efficient, transparent, and secure transactions.


The restructuring might temporarily affect investor confidence in crowdfunding platforms. However, the focus on sustainability and profitability could lead to long-term benefits.  As some platforms streamline operations, there may be more consolidation in the market, potentially leading to fewer but stronger players.


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Specific sectors like green technology, health tech, and social enterprises might see increased crowdfunding activity due to growing investor interest in these areas.  Ongoing regulatory developments could further shape the landscape, potentially opening up new opportunities or imposing additional constraints. The European equity crowdfunding market is expected to remain resilient, adapting to economic challenges and evolving investor needs.

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