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SEO for Small Businesses: Strategies to Boost Your Online Visibility

Guest Post | March 7, 2023

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Well-executed online visibility can make or break a modern business venture. With more everyday practices, including shopping, now heavily moving to the online sphere, having a quality website and a top SEO strategy is indispensable, especially for small businesses.

While there are ways to do this yourself, small businesses are often preoccupied with their products or services, which is where landing a top seo agency comes in as a lifesaver. Many small businesses are turning to such a practice while they focus on their business path.

Good SEO To Make Your Business Profitable

For example, you might be working on developing and establishing your product but without doing the proper SEO it is not highly likely you will gain the traffic and audience that you desire to be able to turn your passion into a profitable and successful business idea.

This is where SEO comes in as one of the key factors in establishing a recognizable and solid online presence. If you have been looking into this practice for yourself, this article covers the basics of SEO with a special emphasis on what it means for small businesses.

Search Engine Optimization Explained

Search engine optimization, or SEO, stands for improving the rank, positioning, and visibility of a certain web page in organic search results. In simple terms, this means bumping up the web page higher up in the natural search results, thereby improving its appearance.

With market saturation growing each day in industries across the globe, relying on this widespread and essential marketing strategy is considered to be crucial for making a business sustainable, desirable, recognizable, and profitable.

You know how when you search for an item and the first thing that comes up are ads? Well, that is what is known as paid search results. What you will find is that they rank at the top of the results pages, with organic search being below them. This is where good SEO kicks in.

Organic Search Vs. Paid Search 

A hugely important difference to understand lies in the fact that somewhere between 70% and 80% of searchers wind up clicking on results stemming from good search engine optimization, with the remaining 20% to 30% who click on paid results.

As the name suggests, paid search results are based on paying for what is known as PPC (or pay-per-click) on a CPS (or cost-per-click) foundation.

Essentially, opting for this paid option means that you would be paying for traffic every single time that someone clicks on your web page through one of these ads.

Another important factor is the time difference. While paid search usually provides a nearly instant return, organic search prompted by good SEO strategies will take a bit of time.

Although SEO strategies require a bit of patience and time, it is still largely regarded as the best approach to gaining online traffic and a broad audience.

SEO Strategies for Small Businesses You Can Start Today

Optimize Your Social Media 

Let’s start with something you probably already use. Social media. Nearly every business nowadays relies on advertising and traffic from social media, including big businesses too.

How you will want to tackle it is to ensure that your social media titles, descriptions, and posts include high-ranking keywords relevant to the niche that you are working in.

Post Content Consistently

Two more tips. Firstly, you want to post organic content that will, in return, boost your Google page rankings. Secondly, make sure that you are posting relevant content consistently and frequently. Communicating and engaging with your audience will further boost your rank.

Do In-depth Keyword Research

To be able to effectively target and reach your audience, you must do in-depth keyword research. You must stay up to date with research on what wording your target audience uses to find products and services similar to the ones you are offering.

An easy solution would be to use commonly known research tools such as Keyword Finder.

Open Google Analytics and Google My Business

If you are looking for easy tricks to monitor the traffic driven to your business, consider creating a Google Analytics Account as well as a Google My Business Account.

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These two simple steps will provide you with the necessary insight such as organic clicks, keywords info as well as impressions on search results, as well as more recognition.


Saying that SEO is a science in itself would not be an overstatement by any means. While working on their products or services, it is completely normal that small businesses usually work with limited budgets for their marketing strategies.

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