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Snoop Dogg Reveals He’s An NFT Whale

Decrypt | Andrew Hayward | Sep 21, 2021

Snoop Dog - Snoop Dogg Reveals He's An NFT WhaleSnoop Dogg has already made waves in the NFT space, launching his own branded collectibles this spring, as well as a collaboration with the creator of the popular meme, Nyan Cat.

However, the rapper’s latest move is truly unexpected: he claims to be the real person behind a pseudonymous crypto Twitter personality—one that has spent millions of dollars acquiring a very valuable collection of blue chip Ethereum NFTs.

On Monday, Snoop Dogg tweeted to his 19 million followers that he is Cozomo de’ Medici, a pseudonymous NFT collector that joined Twitter in August. Cozomo has been tweeting steadily through his NFT journey in recent weeks, discussing the large sums of money spent on popular NFT collections while displaying an in-depth understanding of the culture.

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Snoop isn’t alone as a celebrity NFT collector: NBA athlete Stephen Curry, social media star Jake Paul, and comedian and TV host Steve Harvey are among the notable owners. And he isn’t even the first celebrity to create a separate crypto-centric “burner” account on Twitter: fellow rapper and YouTube personality KSI has one, for example, to keep his crypto musings off of main.

But Snoop didn’t create his NFT-centric Twitter personality in public, linked to his existing social media channels. Before he chose to reveal it to the world yesterday, it was a pseudonym first with no apparent ties to Snoop.

Also notable: Snoop appears to have a seriously valuable NFT collection. Cozomo de’ Medici’s wallet has more than $17 million worth of collectibles within, according to DappRadar’s portfolio estimate tool.

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An NFT acts like a receipt or a deed of ownership to a provably scarce digital item, and it can represent a still image, video file, video game item, and plenty more. Other valuable holdings in Cozomo’s wallet include an NFT from photographer Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames collection, as well as a couple of Moonshot Bots, which benefit the development of Ethereum tools. Earlier this month, Cozomo even tweeted about the value of supporting Ethereum developers.

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