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Solid World, KlimaDAO, and SCB Group Unite for a Sustainable Future

Carbon Markets | Sep 21, 2023

Solid World KlimaDAO and SCB Group partnership - Solid World, KlimaDAO, and SCB Group Unite for a Sustainable Future

Solid World, KlimaDAO, and SCB Group announce partnership to deploy prepaid carbon liquidity using blockchain technology, enhancing efficiency and transparency in the carbon market.

With global climate challenges on the rise, there's a pressing demand for clear, efficient, and adaptable carbon market strategies. The new alliance between KlimaDAO, SCB Group, and Solid World highlights the next phase in carbon market dynamics, shedding light on the potential impact and direction of this collaboration.

  • KlimaDAO is at the forefront of blockchain-based carbon credit solutions, dedicated to fostering a sustainable future. With a vision to revolutionize the carbon market, KlimaDAO provides cutting-edge market infrastructure, ensuring transparency and efficiency in carbon trading.
  • Solid World (an NCFA Industry Partner) offers innovative infrastructure solutions pioneering the next generation of carbon market platforms. Solid World's infrastructure stands out for its ability to create a liquid market for prepaid carbon credits that are yet to be issued. This is a game-changer for the Voluntary Carbon Markets, offering predictability of funding and reducing payback times for project developers. The introduction of the CRISP framework further augments the confidence in such projects.  The new prepaid credit pool has launched with 54,050 tonnes of carbon and over $1M in total liquidity.
  • SCB Group is a global leader in the carbon market and committed to driving positive change through sustainable projects. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of distributed ledger technology, SCB Group collaborates with partners like Solid World and KlimaDAO to nurture a more sustainable world and advance the collective goal of a low-carbon future.

Gold Standard Certified Projects

  • One of the highlights of this partnership is the sourcing of prepaid credits from The Gold Standard certified project. Such projects not only ensure the provision of high-quality carbon credits but also contribute to sustainable development goals.
  • The focus on providing Improved Cookstoves for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh is a prime example of combining humanitarian efforts with environmental conservation.

Shared Vision

  • Andrew Bonneau of KlimaDAO expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the shared vision of all three entities. They aim to harness technology to foster a dynamic, innovative, and scalable climate finance market.
  • Stenver Jerkku, CEO of Solid World, emphasized the goal of bringing clarity and transparency to carbon markets, envisioning a future where clear commodity prices catalyze significant change.

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  • Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Group, shared his personal experience visiting the refugee camps in Bangladesh, witnessing the positive impact of improved cookstoves on the Rohingya community. He believes in the potential of distributed ledger technology to support the Voluntary Carbon Market and envisions a sustainable world.

Looking Forward

The partnership between KlimaDAO, SCB Group, and Solid World is more than just a business collaboration. It represents a confluence of technology, sustainability, and humanitarian efforts. As the carbon market continues to evolve, such partnerships will play a crucial role in shaping its future, ensuring that it remains robust, transparent, and aligned with the global goal of combating climate change.

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