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Some Exciting Fintech Stats (2023-2025)

Exploding Topics | Josh Howarth | Jan 20, 2023

VC funding by fintech sector - Some Exciting Fintech Stats (2023-2025)

The fintech space is making fast strides across many financial sectors, including consumer and B2B.  Fintech investment and consumer adoption are clearly on the rise. But to what extent? And where is this industry headed?  This list has you covered with a wide range of key, up-to-date financial technology (fintech) statistics.

  • Fintech Industry Size:
    • The fintech industry is worth approximately $180 billion (Deloitte)
    • Global fintech industry revenue has nearly doubled since 2017 (Deloitte)
    • There are currently over 26,000 fintech startups worldwide. This figure has grown dramatically over the past few years (up from only around 12,000 fintech startups in 2019).

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  • Investment:
    • Fintech industry investment has increased 3.5x since 2015 (KPMG)
    • In 2012, investment in fintech totaled $4 billion.  By the end of 2021, fintech investment reached $210 billion.
    • Venture capital distributions by sector funding:
      • #1 Capital markets $8.07 billion
      • #2 Payments $6.03 billion
      • #3 Wealth management $5.43 billion
      • #4 Digital lending $3.97 billion
      • #5 SMB $3.36 billion
      • #6 Banking $3.27 billion
      • #7 Real estate $2.42 billion
      • #8 Insurance $2.30 billion
  • Adoption: 90% of Chinese citizens use fintech banking, payment, and financial management solutions (EY)

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