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Survey Says: 6 Habits of the Ultra Wealthy

CNBC Make It | Tom Corley | Oct 9, 2022

The harder I work the luckier I get - Survey Says:  6 Habits of the Ultra WealthyStriking it rich is not a fluke. It takes hard work, fearlessness and a growth mindset.

  • Source:  I spent five years studying the habits of 233 millionaires — 177 of them were self-made — to find out how they make use of their time. Based on my research, I identified six principles they all shared that helped them build wealth. The best part is that anyone can implement these and start working towards becoming a millionaire.
  • Constantly learning:  For the millionaires I interviewed, learning and self-improvement were top priorities.
    • Forty-nine percent reported that they took a few minutes every day to learn new words, and 61% shared that they practiced new skills (i.e., a sport or online class) for a minimum of two hours a day. Another 63% said they listened to audiobooks during their work commutes.  71% said they often read self-help books. Many of them gravitated towards biographies of successful people.
  • Listen more than they talk:  One strategy that came up many times during my interviews was the "5:1 listening rule."
    • And 81% said that they actively sought feedback from others every day, both inside and outside of the workplace.

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  • Built great teams:  Surrounding themselves with people who shared their vision made it possible to go the distance with their goals.
    • Many succeeded because they focused on their strengths and figured out a way to outsource their weaknesses.  If they did not possess a particular skill, they delegated to someone who was great at it, so they could focus on the bigger picture and have more time and mental energy to execute it.
  • Dream BIG:  They sat down and wrote out what their ideal, perfect life looked like 10 years into the future.
  • Prioritize health:  Good health translates into longevity, which means more time to create more wealth.
  • Make their own luck:  Ultimately, persistence creates opportunities, and luck eventually comes to those who refuse to quit on their dreams and goals.

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