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Swift launches ‘Go’ moves into low value cross-border payments

Finextra | Jul 27, 2021

Swift global payments - Swift launches 'Go' moves into low value cross-border paymentsBanking co-operative Swift is moving into the low value remittance market with the launch of Swift Go, a service that enables consumers and small businesses to send near real-time payments anywhere in the world direct from their bank accounts.

Seven global banks - BBVA; Bank of New York Mellon; DNB; MYBank; Sberbank; Société Générale, and UniCredit - which collectively handle 33 million low-value cross-border payments per year, are already live with the service.

Using tighter service level agreements between institutions and pre-validation of data, Swift Go enables banks to provide their end customers a fast and predictable payments experience with upfront visibility on processing times and costs.

Stephen Gilderdale, chief product officer, at Swift, says:

“Swift Go is a direct response to the needs of small businesses and consumers for fast, easy, predictable, secure and competitively priced cross-border payments. Our new service will allow banks to compete effectively in one of the fastest growing segments of the payments market, delivering a seamless experience for their customers.”

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Swift is promising competitive pricing, with processing fees agreed between financial institutions upfront in order to provide customers with full transparency on costs.  Pricing will be key if the correspondent banking industry is to snatch back business lost to a host of non-bank money transmitters, many of whom rely on Ripple's alternative payment rails to disburse funds.

Isabel Schmidt, head of direct clearing and asset account services products, Bank of New York Mellon, comments:

“It’s no secret that for many years consumers and small businesses have been running into varying pain points when transacting international payments. These challenges have included opaque costs and lack of certainty on how quickly funds are delivered to the final beneficiary.

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