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Tamara Kiteley: Liquid Avatar’s 17-Year-Old Comic Book Art Sensation

New York Weekly Times | Nov 15, 2021

Tamara Kiteley - Tamara Kiteley: Liquid Avatar’s 17-Year-Old Comic Book Art SensationInterview with Comic book art prodigy Tamar Kiteley

Tamara Kiteley is quickly making her mark in the industry working with Liquid Avatar Technologies and debuting her work at Los Angeles Comic Con at the Los Angeles Convention Center December 3–5. Already working on comic book covers, the 17-year-old Canadian artist hopes to eventually have a career in animation.

Tamara has already dazzled Liquid Avatar with her creations, and she is working on their collaborative project, “The Outer Space Men,” where she is designing a collection of digital icons for their biometrically verified Self Sovereign Identity platform. She will be debuting her cover for “Colossus Rex” at The Outer Space Men Kickstarter on November 15.

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Tamara does what makes her soul shine. Her artwork is filled with inspiring symphonic textures and colors. Mesmerized by her own passion she is like an alchemist transforming art into a narrative of truth.

You are an amazing artist. How old were you when you realized that you could draw?

When I was old enough to hold a pencil. I’ve been drawing since I could. I think I was in grade school when I really realized that I could draw, so I was probably around 9 years old. I really started getting into art and creating, sketching, painting, using markers, etc. From there I just developed this passion for art, and I have loved it ever since.

How did you get into comic book art?

My dad was a huge fan of comic books. He had a lot of old comic books in the basement. He showed them to me when I was little and of course I love Marvel Comics, I love the Marvel Universe, and so I’ve always been fascinated by the style and the detail and color. So, I tried to replicate that through my sketches. That got me noticed. People started to look at and enjoy my art and they wanted me to create for them. That’s how I got where I am today.

How are you associated with Liquid Avatar, and what exactly do you do with them?

One of my mother’s very close friends, Lynn, saw my art and the things that I created, and she thought I might have the potential to create some projects for Liquid Avatar. She connected me to a lovely man, Mariano Nicieza, who worked for Marvel Comics and now runs Apex Comics Group.

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From there I ended up connecting with Liquid Avatar and re-creating The Outer Space Men figures originally created by Mel Birnkrant in the 1960s. That was my first project for Liquid Avatar. From there they gave me a comic book cover to work on as well.

Where do you hope to be in five years with your already fabulous art career?

Currently, I’m looking at colleges and universities. I have four big ones in mind. My number one would be the animation program at Sheridan in Ontario, Canada. I’m hoping to create cartoon animation, sticking with the cartoon comic book style. My dream is to work for the Cartoon Network. I want to produce cartoons for them, kids’ cartoons, adult cartoons, etc. I just want to get into animation. That’s my number one dream and goal.

Do you have Comic Cons in Ontario?

Yes, we do, however, I’ve never been to a convention before. The first convention that I’m going to, L.A. Comic Con, my art is going to be featured. That’s pretty crazy for me.

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Congratulations on that! Do people know your art?

I’ve only done work for Liquid Avatar and Apex Comics Group but soon my work is going to be featured at the Indiegogo Crowdfunder for Phazer Universe. That’s going to be for my cover which is a Blackray variant and on November 15 at the Outer Space Men Kickstarter with Liquid Avatar, which is for my Colossus Rex cover. I’m hoping that that will get me some exposure along with L.A. Comic Con. That should get some different people noticing me.

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