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Technology You Need in Your Startup Production Firm

Guest Post | Dec 10, 2020

Production and manufacturing startups - Technology You Need in Your Startup Production Firm

In 2021, there’s set to be a wave of innovation and entrepreneurial ventures, as those who have suffered from a year of being locked up at home with little to do have put their imaginations and motivations to good use, coming up with new companies with which to enter the market. In this article, we’ll look at those companies that will be entering the production sector, pointing out which technologies you may require to bring your production company to life and to manufacture goods more efficiently in the future.

The Basics

Let’s begin with the basics before we progress into more complex and specialist technology. Each and every production facility will need to use conveyor belts to transport their goods from A to B. That much is a given. Buy the best to enjoy the highest rate of efficiency and turn to a supplier that can also allow you access to replacement parts, such as Fluent Conveyors. Meanwhile, you’re going to need some other basic technologies and items of equipment and hardware:

  • Simple machines to help process your products - like sterilizers for the final stage in production.
  • Machines to help you clean and recycle waste from your firm.
  • Barriers, guard rails, signage, and kill switches to help build your health and safety approach.
  • Camera systems so that you can monitor all areas of your line from your back office.

All of these basics should be installed in your firm as soon as possible before you look to more exciting and innovative technologies.

Modern Digital Tech

There are a huge number of existing machines that you might find useful to use in your facility. The most recognizable of these is the robotic arm - a machine that can perform incredibly swift, incredibly precise movements to help quickly process your orders and your products along your line.

But there’s also AI and machine learning (ML), which you can program into all of your machines, as well as novel items like 3D printers, which you can use to print small but important components for your line to use. Finally, use automated digital software to help you manage all of your orders and your fulfillment chain - integrated through cloud-based APIs.

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Green Tech

Finally, many startups that are set to take the world by storm in 2021 are focused on being more environmentally friendly than the incumbents that are currently owners of the market. This is the same in production: there are many production firms out there that have yet to receive and process the memo which says consumers want their firms to be eco-friendly.

As such, you can undercut the market and steal away consumers to your brand if you’re able to make use of eco-friendly tech. There are two main types of this technology: energy production in the form of wind and solar power, and recycling technology, which will ensure you send less waste to landfill sites. If you’re able to present both of these types of technology front and center to your firm, eco-conscious consumers will happily shop with you.

There you have it: the technology you should consider using when you’re setting up a startup in the production sector.


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