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Techstars Toronto’s Uncertain Future – Sad News

News | Feb 26, 2024

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Techstars Revises Strategy and is Closing Some Accelerators, Techstars Toronto's Future Uncertain

Techstars, a leading global startup accelerator, is closing some accelerators and relocating its headquarters to New York City that have put the future of its Toronto Techstars accelerator in a state of uncertainty. This move has led to the pausing of applications for the Toronto accelerator and has sparked discussions about the impact on the local and national tech ecosystem in Canada.

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The Toronto accelerator has paused its programming, with its long-serving managing director, Sunil Sharma, transitioning away after seven years.  As the managing director of Techstars Toronto, Sharma has been at the forefront of supporting and nurturing startups, fostering a vibrant community of founders, investors, and tech enthusiasts. His dedication to the growth and success of Canadian startups is evident in his work with Techstars, where he has led the program to make significant investments in the Canadian tech ecosystem.  Despite the changes, Techstars has expressed a continued focus on Canada, having invested in 250 Canadian startups to date such as notable fintech, Balance. The organization believes in the growth potential of Canadian companies within its global network.

Sunil Sharma told Betakit:

"Canada is a brand that resonates globally and represents an investment thesis in itself. The global diaspora is what makes us truly great, and this trend will only increase from here. I am confident that the number of Canadian companies supported by our many programs will continue to grow, as Techstars has proven itself to be a big believer in Canadian founders."

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Criticism and Concerns

Former Techstars members and Seattle managing director Chris DeVore criticizing the group’s strategic choices  which can be can be broken down into more precise concerns:

  • Loss of Local Focus: Techstars historically operated city-based accelerators that were deeply integrated into local startup ecosystems. Critics argue that the organization's shift away from this model undermines the unique local support networks that were crucial for early-stage startups. This local focus was seen as a core strength of Techstars, providing startups with tailored support, access to local investors, and a deep understanding of regional market dynamics.
  • Centralization of Fundraising: The move to centralize fundraising efforts, moving away from local fundraising for city-based accelerator programs, has been criticized for diminishing the engagement and investment of local communities in the success of startups. Critics believe that local investors and stakeholders play a vital role in the ecosystem, offering more than just financial support—they also provide mentorship, connections, and a vested interest in the startups' success. The centralization of funds is seen as diluting this local commitment and support.

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  • Corporate Sponsorship Focus: Some of the criticism has targeted Techstars' increased reliance on corporate sponsors to fund its programs. Critics argue that this shift prioritizes the interests of corporate partners over the needs and best interests of startups. There is a concern that corporate-sponsored programs may not align with the mission of fostering genuine innovation and entrepreneurship, potentially leading to a misalignment of goals between startups and the accelerator.
  • Shift Away From Startup-Centric Culture: At the heart of the criticism is a perceived shift away from Techstars' original startup-centric culture. Former staffers and participants worry that the changes may lead to a culture that is more focused on financial and corporate interests rather than on fostering innovation, supporting founders, and building sustainable startup ecosystems.


Toronto, Techstars has been a crucial player in supporting startups, and any changes to its operations could have wide-reaching implications for local founders, investors, and the broader community.  The future of Techstars, amidst its strategic shifts and operational changes, is closely tied to its fundraising capabilities and its ability to adapt to the competitive landscape of startup accelerators.

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With a significant fundraising round in 2019 and a $150 million fund closed in 2021, the organization's efforts to raise a second $150 million vehicle have been met with silence regarding its progress. CEO Maëlle Gavet's reluctance to comment on fundraising specifics, coupled with indications that the 2024 fund has seen some capital inflow, suggests cautious optimism about the organization's financial health and its capacity to support its revamped focus.

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