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The Advantages of a Modern Meeting System for Efficient Work

Guest Post | Oct 27, 2022

Board portal software - The Advantages of a Modern Meeting System for Efficient Work

Today, the development of digital technology has reached a very high level.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to manually write phone numbers in the phone book, pay the bills through postal services, or organize business meetings in the office. In addition, holding such meetings had a long preparatory process, preparing all the documentation and much more.

Technology develops every day and makes our lives more comfortable. Board portal proves that. Thus, all of the above-mentioned is long past. To date, providers provide software for managing meetings, so holding business meetings has become much easier, because the functionality of virtual board software is amazing. With its help, you can conduct surveys, vote, submit reports, sign documents, create notes, receive notifications, hold meetings, communicate with colleagues, get all the necessary information, and much more. In this article, you can check board portal software comparison guide.

What is an Electronic Meeting System?

An electronic meeting system is a form of computer software that allows members to communicate with each other. Electronic meeting systems belong to the class of computer-based applications. The principle of work is similar to a web conference, a host of the meeting invites participants to an electronic meeting via e-mail. When participants come to the meeting they will have the opportunity to fully participate in the meeting.

Electronic meeting systems help organizations to reduce transportation costs as well as management and staff time, as it is possible to take part in an electronic meeting in any convenient place. It is important to consider only one condition, a stable Internet connection so that communication during online communication is not interrupted.

The Benefits of a Modern Meeting System

To date, online board meetings are becoming increasingly popular every day. The reason for this is the large number of benefits that attract users with its functionality. Some of these advantages are obvious, but some deserve special attention.

1.    Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is an important aspect of each organization. Therefore, software for organizations saves not only staff time, but also saves worker’s money to be paid for travel from one place to another. Sometimes it is even necessary to cover the cost of accommodation and catering. Board portal software greatly simplifies meetings as everything takes place online.

2.    Everyone can be involved

During face-to-face meetings in the office, it often happens that some participants of the meeting cannot attend. This happens for different reasons, sometimes employees do not have the right time, so they are busy at work or have limited time. During international gatherings, not all staff have the ability to assemble in the same place, as they are located in different parts of the world. Board management software successfully solves these problems, as each participant can connect to a meeting regardless of their location in online mode.

3.    Environmental friendliness

If your company and you care about the environment, the best solution is to conduct business meetings online, as travel to meetings has a negative impact on the environment. Besides, there’s no paper trail at these meetings. The paperless meeting solution is the perfect solution for environmental problems related to deforestation.

4.    Time management

When business meetings are held in person, often the duration of the meeting exceeds the scheduled time. Concerning online board meetings, time management is being conducted cost-effectively and efficiently so that staff can quickly listen to all relevant information and get back to work as soon as possible.

5.    More frequent meetings

Board management software allows you to hold virtual meetings much more often. This allows for more effective communication between staff and management. Such meetings can last only 10 minutes, but all members will have the opportunity to listen to the agenda, ask their questions or clarify some information. Such meetings significantly improve the quality of the work process.

6.    Record Meetings

This is a very important advantage of the electronic meeting system, which allows you to record a meeting. Recordings of the meetings can be used to view participants who were unable to attend the meeting.  Employees can also re-examine these records to view slides of the presentation again, take screenshots of the necessary information to better understand it, and avoid errors during the workflow.

7.    Minimal scheduling needs

To organize a virtual meeting you just need to choose the time and board portal software for the meeting. It doesn’t take much time. It’s much easier than picking a meeting room and arranging a staff gathering in one place. In addition, it will be much easier to choose the time of the meeting, as the staff just need to join a virtual meeting in any convenient way for them.

8.    Better for health

Virtual meetings do not have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of employees. During the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual meetings became very popular, and large gatherings of people were banned and caused the spread of viral infections.

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The virtual board software made it possible to solve all issues remotely between the company employees. In addition, some people do not tolerate long trips, they disturb their sleep, diet, and cause stress. All these factors further affected the quality of the work process. To date, it has been possible to improve working conditions as much as possible.

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