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The Emergence of Insurtech Solutions for DAOs

Insurance for DAOs | April 23, 2024

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Need for Specialized Insurance

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) represent a novel form of organizational structure built on blockchain technology, characterized by decentralized governance and operation without traditional management hierarchies. While DAOs offer numerous advantages such as transparency and global collaboration, their unique nature also presents significant risk management challenges. Traditional insurance products often fall short of addressing the specific needs of DAOs, which include smart contract vulnerabilities, regulatory uncertainties, and operational risks to name but a few.

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As the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains continue to evolve, so too does the insurtech industry, which has begun tailoring solutions to meet the needs of these digital-first entities. This segment of the insurance industry focuses on leveraging technology to solve the challenges faced by crypto-native organizations, including DAOs, which have been largely underserved by conventional insurance markets.

Now let's look at a couple of DAO tailored offerings:

1. REBA Solution by Fenwick

Fenwick's REBA Solution offers pioneering insurance products designed explicitly for DAOs and similar organizations. It incorporates a corporate structure that protects the DAO's key figures such as founders, directors, and officers, and also covers the token holders involved in DAO governance. This comprehensive coverage is critical as it ensures that all parties involved in the DAO are protected from potential liabilities and risks associated with their governance roles.

The REBA Solution offers several key benefits to DAOs, significantly enhancing their risk management framework:

  • It provides a safeguard against potential litigation and regulatory challenges, which are common in the rapidly changing landscape of blockchain technology.  For instance, a DAO could be threatened with a lawsuit due to an unforeseen loophole in its smart contract system. Here, REBA could step in to provide the necessary legal defense funds and coverage for any liabilities incurred, demonstrating its utility in real-world situations.
  • It covers operational risks, so that REBA helps DAOs mitigate issues that could arise from the decentralized and often anonymous nature of their operations.
  • Their solution is designed to be flexible, accommodating the evolving nature of DAOs and the blockchain industry at large.

2. UnoRe's Insurance Products for DAOs

UnoRe is a pioneering force in the decentralized insurance market, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and other crypto-native entities. In their insightful article, "Changing The Paradigm In DAO Asset Management: The Role of Insurance," UnoRe discusses how their innovative insurance solutions are empowering DAOs to manage assets with greater confidence and security.

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They highlight the critical role of decentralized insurance in enabling DAOs to transition from just storing assets to actively investing them, thereby generating substantial returns while minimizing risks. This approach not only enhances asset management strategies for DAOs but also improves investor confidence in DeFi markets.

  • Provides protection for DAOs that stake Ethereum as validators, covering the risk of slashing where validators might be forcefully removed from the network, resulting in a loss of staked assets. This insurance product allows DAOs to earn from staking while minimizing risks, offering a potential ROI of 3.36% after insurance costs.
  • Covers risks associated with vulnerabilities in smart contracts, which DAOs heavily rely on for operations in the DeFi space. This cover aims to protect the DAOs’ investments in various DeFi protocols like staking, lending, and yield farming from exploits that could lead to significant financial losses.
  • Protects DAOs against the depegging of stablecoins, which can significantly impact the treasury if invested in stablecoins like USDC, DAI, and uDAI. This cover provides confidence for DAOs to invest in stablecoins without fearing a repeat of incidents like the TerraUSD depegging event.
  • Offers protection against risks associated with third-party custodians, safeguarding DAOs’ assets from losses that might occur due to issues like the collapse of major platforms (e.g., FTX).

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According to UnoRe, their insurance platform has distributed over $10 million in coverage across a diverse range of crypto protocols and maintains an active capacity exceeding $4.4 million. They have underwritten risk for more than 85 different protocols and six stablecoins through our B2C Insurance Sales dApp, known as The Cover Portal.

Legal and Regulatory Consideration

The insurance framework for DAOs like REBA or UnoRe must navigate complex legal and regulatory environments. These products are often established in jurisdictions favorable to cryptocurrency enterprises, such as Bermuda, which offers a regulatory framework supportive of innovative insurance solutions.

Having said that, Wyoming recently passed the DUNA Act, a comprehensive legal framework formalizing DAOs within its legal structure. The DUNA Act aims to provide clarity and security for DAOs, addressing various legal aspects to foster their integration into mainstream business environments. This legislation not only enhances the operational legitimacy of DAOs but also positions Wyoming as a hub for blockchain innovation and a model for other jurisdictions considering similar regulatory approaches.

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Understanding these legal contexts is crucial if setting up and operating a DAO, and when selecting an insurance provider.  Learn more


The future of DAO insurance is looking more promising as more insurtech companies recognize the need for tailored solutions. The growth of such insurance models is likely to grow alongside the expansion of the DAO ecosystem itself, reflecting broader acceptance and integration of blockchain technologies across different sectors. As these solutions become more refined and widespread, they will help legitimize and stabilize DAOs as a viable alternative to traditional organizational structures.

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