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The Main EFT Services Used in Canadian iGaming

April 25, 2024

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When making deposits at iGaming sites, you may see terms like EFT and e-wallet listed on the cashier pages. Although they sound alike, they are two different payment modalities, and work differently.

In this piece we will cover major EFTs for iGaming : Interac, Instadebit, iDebit, Rapid by Skrill and Trustly. And explain how EFTs and e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and MuchBetter differ.

What is an EFT?

An EFT or electronic funds transfer is a payment service. It lets you directly deposit and withdraw money from your bank when transacting online. This allows fast, secure bank transfers without cards.

Key features of an EFT are:

  • Direct bank integration – EFTs connect to your bank account instead of holding funds separately. This enables direct bank account transactions with merchants.
  • Speed – Most EFT transactions happen instantly or within hours. Much faster than wire transfers or checks taking days.
  • Security – Your banking details are not shared with merchants. EFTs use 2-factor authentication to verify identity and facilitate transfers.

Popular EFTs in iGaming include:


Interac is a popular EFT system used by most online casinos accepting Canadian players.

Here is what you need to know about Interac:

  • Allows direct bank account transfers to/from supported gambling sites.
  • Deposits are usually instant while withdrawals take 1-3 business days.
  • Favorable currency conversion rates and no transaction fees.
  • Offers both online debit and e-Transfer options.

To use Interac, you first choose it as your deposit/withdrawal method at cashiers of gambling sites. You then select your bank, log into your online banking portal right on the site and authorize transfers to process immediately.

As one of the fastest and most trusted EFT systems for Canadians, Interac makes bankroll management easy and secure. You can quickly send funds back and forth as you please.


Trustly also offers a popular EFT platform for instant deposits and fast withdrawals globally.

Key features:

  • Bank ID logins let you securely authenticate transfers.
  • Track pending withdrawals/deposits from online banking.
  • Deposits and withdrawals typically finalize within minutes.

Using Trustly is straightforward. On supported gambling sites, you pick Trustly as your banking method from the cashier section. Select your bank to login via BankID directly, review and authorize the transaction which gets processed instantly between accounts with confirmations in online banking.


For Canadians, Instadebit provides another excellent EFT choice.

Benefits of their platform:

  • Direct bank account connections for quick transfers
  • Easy signups with built-in ID verification
  • Fast e-Check payouts in under 48 hours

Using Instadebit first involves signing up for an account on their platform and connecting bank account details. Once setup, you can choose Instadebit in the cashier when depositing/withdrawing on supported gambling sites. Just input banking info, review and confirm transfers to have funds securely exchanged between accounts within hours typically.


Like Instadebit, iDebit offers user-friendly EFTs tailored for Canadian gamblers too.

Key features:

  • Direct integration across major Canadian banks for linking accounts.
  • Has a dedicated support team.
  • Instantly shifts money to/from sites via linked bank accounts.

Using Instadebit first involves signing up for an account on their platform and connecting bank account details. Once setup, you can choose Instadebit in the cashier when depositing/withdrawing on supported gambling sites. Then just simply input your banking info, review and confirm transfers to have your funds instantly credited.

Rapid by Skrill

Besides their e-wallet, Skrill also provides EFTs through Rapid.

Rapid offers:

  • Local bank transfers in Canada.
  • Instant deposit speeds.
  • Withdrawals process in hours on weekdays.

Sign up for Skrill and choose Rapid as your deposit method. This lets you deposit directly from your bank account into Skrill. You can then use that balance to deposit at your preferred online casino.

Along with other EFTs, Rapid furnishes easy alternatives for Canadian gamblers to fund accounts through local bank transfers.

EFTs vs E-Wallets - What's the Difference?

While EFT services facilitate direct integration between your bank account and the online gambling platforms, e-wallets work differently.

Popular e-wallets used for gaming transactions include:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • MuchBetter

The key difference with e-wallets is:

  • You first transfer money from your bank to the e-wallet provider to store value in your account with them.
  • You then use this separate e-wallet balance to fund gaming transactions.

So it adds an additional party between you, your bank, and the gambling site. Rather than a direct transfer like with EFTs, e-wallets take deposits into their independent platform which you can then use to fund gaming activity.

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Benefits of e-wallets include:

  • Anonymity - Your banking details stay protected from merchants.
  • Convenient value storage - You can securely store funds in your account wallet for quick future transfers.
  • Transfer flexibility - Wallets allow easy deposits/withdrawals from various sources like cards or bank accounts.

Why You Should Always Choose EFTs When Depositing at an Online Casino

Here are main reasons you should always select direct EFT deposits over alternate cashier options like cards or e-wallets:

Speed & Reliability

The best EFT platforms like Interac and Trustly offer near instantaneous transfers. Your deposit is credited instantly just as if you were using an e-wallet. EFT technology also minimizes potential transaction issues compared to slower or more complex payment channels.

Info Safety & Anonymity

Unlike cards, your sensitive banking details aren’t directly exposed to merchants. And you avoid tying your identity to 3rd party e-wallets as well. EFTs keep your information confidential via secure SSL encryptions between governing provider, bank, and casino.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

If you ever play at foreign online casinos (which we don’t recommend by the way), EFTs always provide better rates and lower fees compared to credit cards. You get to transfer cash straight from bank to site with minimal losses. No hidden fees at all.


For licensed, regulated iGaming operators across jurisdictions like Canada, EFT transactions aid site compliance thanks to direct player verification protocols and transparent payment audit trails.

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