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The Most Exciting Areas of Study That Will Help You Land A Job In Fintech

Oct 24, 2022

Courses to study to get a job in fintech - The Most Exciting Areas of Study That Will Help You Land A Job In Fintech

Fintech (the application of technology to finance) is an exciting and growing field. After all, fintech covers both banks and startups, which means it has the potential to offer you everything from job security to rapid growth and career advancement.

Due to fintech’s diversity, there are many exciting colleges and areas of study for you to choose from when you set out on your journey toward landing the perfect job. While looking out for the appropriate course of study, to be safe, ensure wherever you get your college coursework from is authentic; the resources where you get your paper online or even buy essays have to be trustworthy.

Schoolwork in this industry can be quite demanding, leaving students in need of homework help from time-to-time, so, find a way to create a balance. Without further ado, these are the most exciting areas of study for anyone looking to get into fintech; read on to find out how you can make them work in your favor!

Exciting Areas of Study for A Fintech Job

Machine Learning

Since its inception, artificial intelligence has been used to power trading and investment platforms. Machine learning—the process by which algorithms can make decisions and predictions based on historical data—has become increasingly popular in fintech to create more automated systems. To remain relevant, bankers and financial advisors need a working knowledge of machine learning techniques to help their clients benefit from AI without sacrificing a personal touch.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The recent rise and diversification of fintech mean many new career paths for IT professionals. As fintech becomes more diverse, it makes sense that a growing number of roles are also opening up.

For example, natural language processing is one such role that's becoming increasingly relevant as businesses start to integrate their online capabilities with bots and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

NLP allows users to create machine-readable programs that mimic human language patterns, making them perfect for managing conversations between your business and customers.


Jim Marous digital transformation banks - The Most Exciting Areas of Study That Will Help You Land A Job In Fintech

The best part about blockchain is its potential to be a technology that works for everyone, regardless of geography or socio-economic status. With distributed ledgers, there's no need for a bank—that role goes to whoever owns the ledger (or whichever software is on it). This means that people who don't have access to banks can start companies and hold property.

It also means they can send money overseas without paying exorbitant transaction fees, as with traditional remittance methods like Western Union. In other words, not only is blockchain poised to change how people view finance, but it could also transform communities worldwide by creating access and opportunities that otherwise wouldn't exist.

That said, blockchain isn't yet a mature field or career path; widespread commercial adoption may be years away, but the demand for Blockchain Engineers today outweighs the supply.

Virtual Reality

Since virtual reality (VR) is an industry that's still in its infancy, careers related to it are highly sought after. According to a recent report from analytics firm Digi-Capital, there are more than 200 VR companies worldwide with more than $2.3 billion in investment so far.

While you don't need a college degree for many careers (or even any job) within VR — think designers, coders, and others — those who go to school for related degrees may have some added advantage over others looking for jobs in virtual reality. As with many emerging technologies, there is no clear path to becoming a professional.

Augmented Reality

If you're considering a career path related to finance, you may have considered jobs like banking or accounting. But one of tech's hottest industries—fintech—might be a better fit for your skills and interests. Augmented reality might be an especially attractive area of study if your goal is to make a difference through technology.

From banking to business management, various areas offer career opportunities that bridge technical and social factors in education, healthcare, law enforcement, and more.

Quantitative Analysis & Data Science

Quantitative Analysts and Data Scientists are some of the most sought-after professionals right now. These careers often intersect with Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics majors to create a solid foundation for people that want to analyze big data sets or predict changes in financial markets.

As important as it is to understand stats and data sets, it's even more critical for these professionals to have high levels of technical skills such as programming, computer science, and other computer-related work. If you don't already have one of these relevant backgrounds, consider taking online courses or other similar programs that would put you on a track for success as a Quantitative Analyst or Data Scientist.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Hiring for fintech jobs is booming, and cybersecurity analysis is a growing industry that can help protect your data and money. In fact, computer security was a $74 billion market as of 2014, with a projected growth of $155 billion by 2019. Whether you're looking for work in Silicon Valley or looking for someone else to handle your cyber needs, there are plenty of opportunities available within cybersecurity.


While blockchain technology is already changing our world, cryptocurrencies are just getting started. The best part? If you're studying a relevant subject (like math or computer science), learning about digital currencies will make you a valuable asset for companies across a number of industries – from big banks to tech startups.

Blockchain technology is about much more than digital currencies, but for now, its most visible impact has been on virtual currency. It's no wonder that some think that fintech and crypto-startups are hiring like crazy; it's simply too hot an area to ignore right now.

App Development

A large part of financial technology involves streamlining processes and improving products. In many cases, that means mobile development or app development. From insurance to money management, almost every career path in fintech is intertwined with new developments in digital apps. If you have experience with a programming language like Java, C#, or JavaScript—or if you're willing to put some time into learning a new skill set—you'll be well-positioned for an entry-level role at a financial company like PayPal or Square.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a useful career path for fintech workers, as it teaches you how to assess a company's or investment opportunity's current position and future potential. This requires expertise and experience that can come only with time. To start gaining an edge over other fintech employees, consider taking courses in financial analysis. Some relevant options include: Portfolio Management by Columbia Business School (valued at $1,500)

Risk Control Management

Risk management is a critical part of your job as a fintech professional. As an accountant or finance person by trade, you'll likely be involved with understanding risk exposure and implementing strategies to mitigate them. It's one area that can make or break a company—and it's an important consideration for consumers and investors, as well. To get started on a career path as a fintech expert, you might want to consider a risk control management course/degree. These programs usually focus on developing strategies for dealing with financial risks that arise in business transactions and markets.


Fintech businesses are expanding quickly right now, and by 2028, it's predicted that the sector will be valued at $332.5 billion. Given the ever growing need for fintech talent around the world, this creates a special moment for anyone seeking to break into the industry.

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There are numerous intriguing job routes to quickly explore in this developing field, whether it is a fintech start-up you want to join or you’re interested in pursuing fintech careers at major organizations like Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, or Goldman Sachs.

If you have the required non-technical and technical skill set, the potential job openings are intriguing given the wide range of applications and fintech's extensive breakout through the financial services industry. With these professions paying well and supply and demand still favoring, landing a job in fintech is key.

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