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The State of the Car Loan Industry in Winnipeg: 2024 Insights

May 29, 2024

Winnipeg - The State of the Car Loan Industry in Winnipeg: 2024 Insights

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The car loan industry in Winnipeg, as well as across Canada, has seen significant shifts in 2024, influenced by economic changes, market demands, and evolving consumer behaviors. Here’s a detailed look at the current state and trends in the industry.

Rising Interest Rates and Loan Amounts

Interest rates for car loans have increased in recent years, driven by several factors including federal rate hikes and economic conditions. As of May 2024, average car loan interest rates for new vehicles hover around 7.18%, while used cars see rates as high as 11.93%. This rise in rates is particularly challenging for borrowers with lower credit scores, who face even higher rates, often exceeding 14% for new cars.

The increase in interest rates has also led to higher monthly payments for car loans. For example, borrowers in the non prime credit tier (scores 601-660) see average monthly payments of $782 for new vehicles and $547 for used ones​. These high costs necessitate careful financial planning and consideration of long-term affordability.

Inventory and Pricing Trends

The availability of new cars has improved significantly since the pandemic, which saw severe shortages and high prices due to disrupted supply chains. Now, inventories are catching up, leading to a stabilization in prices. New car prices, however, remain higher than pre-pandemic levels, with the average price of a new vehicle at $67,817​. Used car prices have also seen fluctuations but tend to offer more value for those looking to save​.

Increased inventories mean that buyers may find it easier to negotiate deals, with some price incentives and lower interest financing reappearing in the market​ (​. This shift marks a return to a more balanced buyer-seller dynamic after years of a seller’s market dominated by scarcity.

Consumer Preferences and Market Shifts

There is a notable shift in consumer preferences towards hybrid vehicles, which are expected to account for a growing share of the market. Despite the increasing interest in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids are gaining popularity due to their balance of fuel efficiency and practicality​. The used car market, while seeing a slight decline in prices, remains robust as consumers look for immediate availability and cost savings​.

Moreover, the market for electric vehicles is experiencing a nuanced evolution. Although sales are growing, they are not keeping pace with the increasing production, resulting in higher inventory levels at dealerships. This oversupply has led manufacturers to slow down their EV production plans, which means consumers might find better negotiation opportunities for EVs​​.

Financing Challenges and Opportunities

The increasing interest rates mean that monthly payments for car loans are also rising, with the average new car payment at a record $738 per month​​. This trend places additional financial pressure on consumers, particularly those with nonprime or subprime credit scores. However, this also opens up opportunities for specialized financial services to step in and offer competitive loan options tailored to various credit profiles.

In response to these challenges, borrowers are advised to explore all financing options, including those provided by online brokers and traditional financial institutions. Online brokers can offer a variety of loan options from multiple lenders, which is beneficial for those with lower credit scores who might face higher interest rates.

Finding the Best Car Loan Rates

For Winnipeg residents looking to navigate these financial waters, it's crucial to shop around and compare loan offers. This is where comes into play. They specialize in connecting borrowers with suitable lenders, offering a range of options regardless of your credit score. Their expertise can help you secure the best possible rates and terms, making the car buying process smoother and more affordable. stands out by offering personalized service and a deep understanding of the local market. They work with a network of lenders to provide competitive rates and flexible terms, ensuring that you find a loan that fits your budget and needs. Whether you’re dealing with high interest rates due to lower credit or seeking the best deal on a new or used car, their services can make a significant difference.


The car loan industry in Winnipeg is navigating a complex landscape of rising interest rates and shifting market dynamics. As a consumer, staying informed and leveraging resources like can help you make better financial decisions and find the best deals in the market. Whether you’re looking for a new, used, or hybrid vehicle, having the right financial partner can make all the difference.

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In summary, the key to navigating the current car loan market is to stay informed about trends and leverage professional services that can offer competitive and personalized loan options. By doing so, you can ensure that your car buying experience is both financially sound and satisfying.

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