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The Ultimate Guide to Holding a Fintech Conference

Guest Post | Aug 26, 2021

Fintech Events - The Ultimate Guide to Holding a Fintech Conference

Hosting your first fintech conference can be difficult, though rewarding. If you want to stage a conference that can bring together fintech professionals from all over the country and the globe to discuss the latest innovations and developments, here is an ultimate guide to some of the best steps that you need to take to make it a success.

Get Branded Merchandise

Although this might not seem like a priority when you are planning to host a conference, investing in branded merchandise can be a great way to advertise your brand and that of your sponsors. Finding branded merchandise for events can ensure that your guests never forget why they have come to your conference or who is hosting it. It can also make sure that they remember your brand long after the conference has ended. One of the most fun options that you can choose from is custom printed trucker hats. This can help your guests to advertise your brand by wearing your merchandise outside of work or can allow your employees and volunteers to be instantly recognized by your guests.

Find FinTech Speakers

The central event of your conference, though, will usually be your speakers. Many professionals will be enticed to your event by the name of a renowned speaker, and choosing the right individual can allow your guests to leave feeling inspired, and as if your event was worth every second they remained away from their company. Then, you should try to find a well-known speaker who has insight into some of the most modern fintech developments and innovations.

Invite Professionals

When your fintech conference is fast approaching, you should then get the word out about it by inviting many of the professionals that are working within the Fintech industry. By inviting them directly, you will be able to ensure a higher rate of attendance and will be ensuring that some of the biggest names in your industry hear about your conference. You should also try to raise the profile of your event by sending a press release to industry newspapers and publications, as this will ensure that information about it is shared with your target audience.

Get Sponsors

To make the day run like clockwork, though, you often need a great amount of funding, especially if you want to hire out a large and central venue, as well as decorate the space, and hire caterers and speakers.

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One of the best ways to get the funding that you will need is to get large companies and investors to sponsor your event in return for free advertising for them.

Stay Organized

Your conference is unlikely to be successful if it is not organized tightly. It is paramount that you can stick to a strict schedule and that you can keep track of all your guests and make sure their needs are met throughout the evening. This will prevent your event from becoming a disaster and will make sure guests will be willing to come to your events again, as well as ensuring that they leave with a good impression of your company.

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