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Thrinacia Core is now in BETA: Crowdfunding Engine Launching Soon!

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Thrinacia | Alex Pavlovic | December 2, 2013

Thrinacia - Thrinacia Core is now in BETA:  Crowdfunding Engine Launching Soon!Almost exactly a year ago on Nov 27, 2012, NCFA Canada interviewed Alex Pavlovic, CEO and Founder of a Thrinacia Inc., a Vancouver-based web solutions company focused on delivering open source SaaS white label crowdfunding platform called THRINACIA. That interview generated a lot of interest in the market at the potential for plugging into Thrinacia’s back-end crowdfunding engine (read the original interview here).

NCFA Canada recently got in touch with Alex Pavlovic to provide this exclusive update on the progress of the project.  Thrinacia is now in BETA and launching for public consumption very soon!  They are hoping to innovate the crowdfunding space with Thrinacia’s Crowdfunding Engine.  More information is available on their new website which you can check out, but I will highlight the main points below:

Thrinacia now consists of two separate projects:

(1) Thrinacia Core (Closed source Saas; Crowdfunding engine)

Thrinacia Core or the Crowdfunding Engine is a SaaS offering that is closed source at this time. This entire effort began in early 2013. No other investors or funds were taken towards this effort. The team has developed the solution on their own without the support of an incubator or other alternatives.

(2) Thrinacia Open Source

Thrinacia's open source effort to produce a variety of downloadable plugins for systems like Drupal CMS, Joomla, WordPress, and bindings for various languages such as Python, Java, and PHP, which will interface to the Thrinacia Core.  The Thrinacia Open Source Crowdfunding campaign gained some interest but did not reach the funding goal, therefore we decided to not process any pledged funds and develop more code in-house so that the project can move forward.

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Some FAQs about the Thrinacia Project (from website):

Can I run CrowdFunding portal now with Thrinacia Core SaaS?

Yes you can. Our SaaS solution offers full Semantic UI based interface for portal administrators, backers and campaign managers. There is also a RESTful API that is available with each account so that you could create your own user interfaces for example from mobile applications and so on. Right now we are in BETA stage, please click on the Signup Button to get BETA access and pricing information.

When is Thrinacia Core BETA access going to be granted?

We are already granting BETA access to Thrinacia Core starting this month ( December 2013 ). We will continue doing this throughout the month of December 2013. The system will open for public wide consumption at the end of December 2013 or early January 2014.

What payments does Thrinacia Core allow?

Thrinacia Core uses Stripe Connect API to manage payments for pledgers and connect campaign managers with portal. Stripe signup is easy and users will never leave your crowdfunding website, which is a nice user experience. We are also working on adding PayPal adaptive and other payment options. Please contact us if you have the need for alternate payment options.

Does Thrinacia Core provide ability to run CrowdFunding portals or campaigns?

Both. Thrinacia Core is Crowdfunding Engine which supports running Crowdfunding portals and campaigns. This means you are able to have your own Crowdfunding portal for example where you have one or more Crowdfunding campaigns or you can setup your own Crowdfunding portals where other people can run their own campaigns and you make revenue from other campaigns ( such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo ).

Continue to the full list of FAQs --> here


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share save 171 16 - Thrinacia Core is now in BETA:  Crowdfunding Engine Launching Soon!

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