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Tony Robbins: The Cure for Quiet Quitting

Linkedin: The One Thing | Tony Robgins | Nov 1, 2022

Quiet quitting - Tony Robbins:  The Cure for Quiet Quitting

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In today’s world, even the most driven leaders and team members are experiencing burnout.  

  • Problem: Quite quitting has crept into offices, remote and in-person alike. People are questioning what they really want out of life more than ever before. And the pulse of late is that of an unsatisfied, uncertain society of achievers.
  • Business is a spiritual game:  You see, in all our well-intentioned efforts, in all our grinding and hustling, we’ve missed the higher calling in what we do. We go to work, but we aren’t doing the greater work: our life’s mission, our calling. I don’t think we humans were put on this earth to just churn out reports and make the bottom line.
  • It’s in our DNA. The first humans were wired for community and service.  We gathered in small tribes where we relied on one-another for food, shelter, protection, and connection.  Anthropologist Margaret Mead said it best, Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts.”


Entrepreneurs, Mental Stress, And Avoiding The Burnout

The Silent Mental Health Crisis: Leadership Burnout

  • How to bring meaning and purpose: Where can you decide to show up with your whole heart? Where can you choose to engage instead of disconnect? Nothing will put a human on empty faster than feeling disconnected.
    • Find your WHY.  (And don’t shy away from deeper connections. Even when you’re tired.)
    • Maybe it’s cultivating an environment for your employees to grow and thrive, not just a place for them to clock in and take home a paycheck.
    • Maybe it’s incorporating contribution into your business plan. Making money feels good, but there’s nothing like seeing joy on another human’s face after you’ve given them something they truly needed.

Co-Auther Dr. Steven Trzeciak of the book, The Wonder Drug: 7 Scientifically Proven Ways Serving Others is The Best Medicine for Yourself, found:

The cure for burnout was not escape. I could boost my resilience and protect myself from burnout by making deeper human connections.

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Tony Robbins:

Because when we give more, we are connecting to the part of us that makes us truly human. And in that we find meaning and purpose.

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