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Top 5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From DaaS

Nov 15, 2023

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DaaS solutions allow employees to work from any device of their choosing without IT having to provide company-issued hardware, making BYOD policies simpler to implement and lowering overhead costs.

DaaS provides businesses with an efficient way to easily adjust to changing business needs quickly, while saving on IT infrastructure expenses. Here are the top five benefits DaaS provides for businesses:

1. Scalability

DaaS is essential in helping businesses expand their operations quickly and smoothly, which makes the software so attractive. Without it, hiring additional employees would require time-consuming IT setups of physical machines for them - an unnecessary and time-consuming hassle for any growing company.

DaaS provides faster patching and updates. IT teams can update a single image and have it apply across every device; unlike with traditional PC setups where each change must be manually applied to every individual device individually.

DaaS makes data more secure by never leaving its central server, meaning if an employee's laptop is stolen, company information doesn't reside on that device and cannot be compromised. Furthermore, DaaS also facilitates employees working remotely or from home more easily.

2. Flexibility

DaaS is often more cost-effective and practical for organizations than buying, managing and deploying desktop hardware on their own, saving both money and resources in the process.

DaaS' flexibility can also keep employees engaged and productive. Employees can work from any device connected to the internet with access to company applications - providing hybrid work models, BYOD initiatives, and overall productivity gains.

Data stored in a data center reduces security risks significantly, as updates and patches can be deployed more easily on one single image - saving both time and resources; additionally if an employee loses or steals their device it's easy to disconnect it without impacting other devices or increasing energy costs; eliminating servers taking up significant space can also save energy costs significantly.

3. Security

With DaaS, IT departments no longer need to limit workers to company-issued devices; users can work from their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops while still accessing all the applications and data necessary for doing their jobs. This brings about several DaaS benefits, including:

Enhanced employee productivity: Employees can work from anywhere, at any time, оn any device, which can significantly improve productivity.

Reduced security risks: Data and applications are stored securely іn the cloud, rather than оn end-user devices, which are more susceptible tо theft оr hacking.

Lower costs: Businesses can save money оn hardware, software, and IT support costs.

Business can use BYOD policies more easily to allow employees to remain productive while working remotely, while simultaneously lowering security risks as all data and applications reside securely in the cloud rather than end user devices that could become targets of hackers.

DaaS providers also allow companies to reduce resource wastage by disconnecting inactive desktops automatically when they're not being used for a set amount of time, helping businesses save resources as well as energy costs since many DaaS solutions run on eco-friendly cloud platforms.

4. Mobility

DaaS offers employees the freedom to work from any device they choose, with IT teams easily being able to facilitate Bring Your Own Device policies that ensure consistent access across devices.

Updating software on numerous devices can be time consuming and costly for IT teams. DaaS makes this task simpler by offering cloud service providers who manage updates and maintenance as one subscription option.

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With data monetization initiatives gaining in significance, DaaS can provide an ideal solution to breaking down data silos and giving teams easy access to integrated data. Trustworthy information increases innovation while at the same time making more informed decisions that reduce costs and avoid wasteful spending. Adding ease-of-accessing data solutions could increase employee efficiency by about five percent.

5. Costs

Organizations using DaaS no longer need to invest in hardware for their IT needs; its subscription-based model helps reduce overall IT costs and is the dream of any CFO.

Employees benefit from accessing data and applications reliably on any device with secure, reliable connectivity - leading to greater productivity, team spirit and morale boosting, reduced risks associated with virus attacks or IT management concerns, as data remains centralized rather than on endpoint devices.

Your organization can also reduce its carbon footprint through DaaS. Being cloud-based, DaaS eliminates servers which consume vast quantities of power, as well as taking minutes to spin up new desktop images and IT teams monitoring performance remotely - further decreasing downtime for support services and operational costs.

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