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Top Investors Advice To Prepare For The Next Decade

Forbes | Stephanie Burns | Nov 6, 2020

burns 300x211 - Top Investors Advice To Prepare For The Next Decade We’ve talked a lot about how trying this COVID-19 season has been for entrepreneurs. Investors are facing similar yet different challenges, learning how to be predictive about a business’ success in the face of unprecedented uncertainty. And yet, as with any moment in time, there is still abundant opportunity.

How do we mitigate new types of risk and identify flowers amongst the weeds? A few of today’s top investors share their best advice on how to prepare investment portfolios for the next decade - with all of its expected trends and its propensity for ups and downs.

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1. Rudy Medina, Founder of Next Space Development

Medina is a top investor in real estate. With new potential lockdowns ahead of us as we await a vaccine, and with the national sense of “wanderlust” following many months in lockdown, Medina foresees changes to people’s preferences for where they want to live as a result. These living changes include privacy, additional outdoor or flex areas, room for pets outside of the living area, and close proximity to a city or neighborhoods recreational activities.

2. Salvatore Buscemi, Managing Director at Dandrew Capital Partners

In Buscemi’s real estate investment portfolio, he specializes in managing risk, which is especially important to assess in a new light today. His advice is rooted in mitigating risk through research and extensive experience, calling it a “defensive play.”  This isn’t the time for guessing or swinging for the fences: rely on research mixed with insight whenever possible. That will provide for greater feelings of security in the upcoming years, and also greater returns.

3. Mary Meeker, General Partner, Bond Capital

Mary Meeker and Bond Capital raised $1.25 billion in capital commitments in 2019 alone, and Meeker was an early investor herself in rapid-growth startups like Instacart, Square, AirBNB and many other ‘unicorns.’ What stands out about Meeker’s keen eye is her yearly ‘Internet Trends’ report, which comes out every Spring. The sheer amount of research and attention to potential internet trends has been crucial in Meeker’s astuteness in her investment decision-making skills.

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4. Sloan Foster, Founder of AutoThinkUSA

Foster has built a business on one core principle: convenience. Operating by the belief that consumers will always choose the most convenient accommodations, she has applied this advice to the upcoming decade through essential businesses.

“Think through all of the businesses that have soared in profitability as a result of the pandemic. These essential businesses aren’t just ‘essential’ during lockdown - it’s a hint at just how essential they are year-round,” she advises.

4. Jeremy Delk, Founder of Delk Enterprises

What business models have held true and stable during COVID-19? Which new ones have recently been created? Chaos and crisis is the soil for truly great innovations - so keep your eyes peeled.

“Utilize this time to adapt quickly in your investments, according to how companies are adapting,” said Delk. “Specifically, look into how you can stay relevant by adhering to new tele-health technologies.”

This piece of advice is reminiscent of a larger trend: the world’s switch to remote work.

5. Nisa Leung, Managing Principal, Qiming Venture Partners

Through Qiming Venture Partners, Leung and team have invested in successful companies such as CanSino (Chinese vaccine maker) and Venus MedTech. Leung sees one major red flag in entrepreneurs seeking investment: those who just want to make a “quick buck.” While the Qiming Venture Partners have a tendency towards investing in healthcare companies, they specifically look at companies poised for a long term vision, as most entrepreneurs don’t need nearly as much capital as they think. Prioritize investments in long term visions, not short term “build and exit” visions.

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6. Rohan Sheth, Cofounder of Growrev 

As marketing has gone through a new learning curve, too, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Sheth advises harnessing the power of multiple marketing channels.

“When you expand marketing channels, your businesses will inevitably boom with new abundance” said Sheth. “Perhaps most important is the amount of traffic that is run through each platform and zeroing in on capturing the greatest return on investment.   My company has been built off the tremendous success of our clients’ campaigns. At Growrev, we believe the devil is in the details and when you master that game, the professional rewards are endless.”

7. Allison Gaddy, eXp Realty

Gaddy and her partner, Don Hobbs, work together through a value investment strategy, tailored at helping them to build wealth while also enjoying their lives. It’s worked - they have invested in a series of properties in markets that have solid growth potential that have delivered significant cash flow combined with a substantial increase in value throughout the last 15 consecutive years.

“As a real estate agent and residential re-developer, I focus on opportunities where I can leverage my industry expertise to unearth long-term value,” she shared. “Investing in rental properties paired with real estate development has yielded the highest returns.”


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