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Top Security Investments For Your Recently Funded Startup

Guest Post | Jul 1, 2022

Remote workers - Top Security Investments For Your Recently Funded Startup

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3 out of 5 startups have fallen victim to a security breach in the last two years. If you have just received funding for your startup, you need to invest in security technologies to ensure your sensitive data and assets remain secure.

Which security technologies should a startup business invest in?

Keep reading as we go through the best security investments for your startup to secure your assets and help you improve productivity, and streamline your monthly overheads.

Top Security Investments For Your Startup

Let’s look at some of the best security investments for your startup. These technologies can help you to protect your data and ensure there are no setbacks for your newly founded business. Consider which tools would be most valuable in your security strategy.

Occupancy Management

Occupancy management software is an investment that can help you manage your business's health and safety and your space more effectively.

Occupancy management software integrates with your access control system to provide accurate data logs of the occupancy levels in your building. Since the pandemic began, overcrowding has become an occupational safety hazard. To maintain social distancing measures in your workplace, you should consider implementing occupancy management software.

Occupancy management software can help you understand your office space and may offer an opportunity to downsize your office space. Suppose you switched to a remote or hybrid work model. In that case, your occupancy management software will help you determine how many users are in your office at once and whether your company could potentially downsize to streamline monthly overheads and allocate more money toward the growth of your business.

Touchless & Keyless Access Control

Touchless access control is the foundation of any modern and sophisticated security. With touchless entry, you can reduce the number of touchpoints your employees must touch when entering the building and put health and safety first.

Keyless access control secures your building without inconveniencing your employees. The door locks operate using mobile access credentials. Opting for mobile-first access control can avoid extra expenses caused by keycard or fob replacement.

Users who wish to enter the building do not have to withdraw their mobile devices from their pockets. Instead, they can simply wave their hand in front of the access control reader. The wave of their hand will trigger remote communication with their mobile device that will open the door.

You can operate touchless access control remotely and view security data using a mobile application or cloud-based control center. This convenient security technology supports hybrid work models, where managers and system administrators will be off-site.

Modern, cloud-based access control systems have open API integrations, which can help you to build a fully-integrated security system that performs HR and administrative functions. Since access control is a cloud-based solution, it is best to invest in cybersecurity training and software to avoid falling victim to the rising rate of cyberattacks.

Smart Desk Management

Smart desk management software is a necessity for any hybrid startup. If your employees come into the office to access resources and collaborate on projects, they will need desk space. However, if your office is busy that day, they could drive to work only to find that all the desks are occupied.

Smart desk management software offers a solution to this problem. With this software, your employees can reserve desk space for when they need to use office resources. Employees will be able to view a digital floorplan of your office, with a clear picture of the desks that are reserved and the available desks. Your employees will also be able to see which employees book each desk so they can sit with their friends or in teams.

Visitor Management

Visitor management software integrates with access control to provide more accurate visitor logs. In the event of a security breach, you need to have detailed records of who is in your building to aid in an investigation.

Visitor management software implements digital surveys that your visitors, contractors, and interviewees must fill out before entering the building. Once they have filled in the form, they can enter the building using a temporary digital access key stored on their mobile device. The system will log them out with an accurate timestamp and revoke their access credentials when they leave.

Automated Wellness Verification

Automated wellness verification operates similarly to visitor management software. Your employees must fill out digital forms based on their symptoms to enter the building. This software helps you screen for coronavirus and prevent the spread of the virus in your office, which could lead to staffing difficulties.

Security Integration

When establishing security integrations in a cloud-based system, you must ensure that the information and remote operation capabilities are only accessible to authorized parties. If a third party intercepts this information, it could lead to a costly security breach for your business.So, ensure that you enlist the services of a commercial security system integrator with experience in the industry. Your integrator will be able to advise you on and install the best cybersecurity software and physical security tools to keep your business secure.

tech workers - Top Security Investments For Your Recently Funded Startup

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To ensure the success of your startup, you need to put security first. Failing to protect your assets and sensitive data could lead to the failure of your business. So, consider which security technologies would most benefit your business and plan your security strategy with integration in mind.

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