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Top Talent Scholarship Crowdfunding – A Success Story

share save 171 16 - Top Talent Scholarship Crowdfunding – A Success Story by Findlay | August 16, 2013

ManeeshaG - Top Talent Scholarship Crowdfunding – A Success Story

It’s been just two weeks since we launched our scholarship crowdfunding platform but we have already seen several students beat their fundraising goals. As more Equals6 members get set to launch campaigns, we reached out to Maneesha Gupta, a student at the University of Toronto, to find out more about her successful scholarship crowdfunding experience. You can check out Maneesha’s campaign here.

Key Takeaways:
1. Tell your story – make it personal.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for ideas.
3. Use email and social media to promote your campaign. Start with your personal network – family and friends.
4. Get started today –it’s worth the effort!

E6: How long have you been a member of E6 and what inspired you?
I have been a member for more than a year and a half. I read about E6 online and the ability to virtually network with thousands of students across Canada sparked my interest. I logged in and immediately started connecting through the unique ‘brainstorms’ concept and taking advantage of contests. E6 gave me a sense of belonging while building my personal brand in a professional market.

E6: What aspects of Equals6 appeal to you?
Maneesha: Through scholarship and job opportunities, blogs on career clarity and insight and creative think tanks, E6 is the ideal platform for a career-oriented student such as myself. E6 has helped me develop both personally and professionally. E6 was a must-use tool for me because it allowed me to productively spend time online while making new connections with real students who have real ideas.

E6: Were you familiar with crowdfunding before you launched your E6 scholarship?
Maneesha: I had no clue about the concept of crowdfunding before. When I was introduced to the concept, I was hesitant, nervous and excited to begin. At first, I was afraid of rejection and catapulting myself into the unfamiliar. When I started my campaign, I embraced the idea of sharing my story with the world and addressing the big elephant in the room: student tuition.

E6: How did you choose your rewards? 
Maneesha: E6 guides you through a step-by-step campaign builder and provides tips for reward types. With slight tailoring to my own means and personality, I created my rewards. I also consulted friends who helped me brainstorm a list of rewards.

E6: How did you promote your campaign? What worked for you?
Maneesha: I shared my campaign primarily through Twitter and emailing my network. I first shared the video with my family and close friends who were very encouraging. My close network really helped – they already knew me, and through the campaign, they had an opportunity to learn and contribute to my tuition.

E6: What advice would you give other students that are considering launching a scholarship crowdfunding campaign on Equals6?
Maneesha: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Stick to your story and be excited about yourself. The best way to succeed in the campaign is to not delay and start today! As my favourite, famous Canadian said himself, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

E6: What’s next for you as far as your education goes? 
Maneesha: I am planning for law school. I have had an enriching experience at the University of Toronto and every year for me has been bigger and better than ever before! Law encompasses all aspects of my personality and E6 has been an important part of my academic journey.

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equals6 crowdfunding - Top Talent Scholarship Crowdfunding – A Success Story

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share save 171 16 - Top Talent Scholarship Crowdfunding – A Success Story

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