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Top Tips for Crowdfunding Your Student Business

NCFA Canada About Us | Guest Post | Mar 8, 2017

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As a student, you might feel that you simply don’t have the time or the funds to start your own company, which is a shame as many of the best business ideas come from the student population. However, even if you might not be able to go down the traditional route when it comes to starting a business whilst you’re still at college, there’s no need to put off getting started, as there are plenty of alternative ideas to choose from. We’ve put together some top tips to help you crowdfund your student business.

Move Your Degree Online

If you are serious about your new business, then moving your degree program online, either partly or in full, can provide you with more time and money to invest into your business and your crowdfunding campaign to get it started. With online degree programs offered in a huge range of topics from engineering to business management or an MSN administration degree, it’s likely that your college already has some kind of distance learning option in place that you can enquire about. If you have not yet started studying for your degree, then applying for an online program means that you’ll have the flexibility that you need to get going with your new start-up from the beginning.

Get Students Involved

Whilst you are at college, you have the perfect access to a wide, diverse target audience of students. As a student, you might be thinking of a business venture that provides a solution, or something fun, for the student population. If this is the case, then where better to start your crowdfunding campaign than on campus? Advertising your business in the college library, gym, or in other public areas can be a good way to generate interest.

Get On Social Media

Today, one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience and potential crowdfunders is through social media. As a student, you may already have an advantage on many older entrepreneurs, as you may already be quite active on social media. Don’t forget to get in touch with societies and clubs that are led by students at your college and ask them to advertise – many will be willing to get involved with all kinds of student-led activities on campus.

You can also join a range of start-up crowdfunding sites online to ask for help from the general public. If you do this, don’t forget to share the link on all of your social media pages!

Get an App

These days, there’s an app for everything, so creating an app for your business is a great way to generate interest and encourage people to crowdfund so that they can start using it as soon as possible. Since apps are so convenient for the user, it’s no surprise that app-based businesses are often the ones that do best.  Whether you are studying for a business degree or completing your RN to MSN online, starting a business as a student isn’t as difficult as you think!



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