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UBS [Submission deadline: Aug 6]: Future of Finance Challenge 2021

UBS | Jacoline Loewe | Jul 13, 2021

UBS future of finance challenge - UBS [Submission deadline: Aug 6]:  Future of Finance Challenge 2021Since 2015, the UBS Future of Finance Challenge has been open to start-ups and established, growing companies that change the way finance works and meets the client needs of the future. Take part in the 2021 competition and access benefits and prizes of over USD 400,000 worth in value, delivered in collaboration with Anthemis, Deloitte and Microsoft for Startups.


What are key challenges for the finance industry? We have identified four challenges that are key to how finance meets the client needs of the future

UBS 2021 fintech challenges available - UBS [Submission deadline: Aug 6]:  Future of Finance Challenge 2021

Who is eligible to enter?

We’re looking for start-ups and growing companies, with an annual turnover lower than USD 150m. You should have received less than USD 150m in total investments:

Participants should have developed:

  • A working prototype of a product, service or application grounded on innovative / disruptive technology applied to banking / finance

Proposed technology solutions should:

  • Be focused directly on banking and financial services, or
  • Have a demonstrable impact in another sector but with a potential connection or application within the banking and financial industry.

Some other restrictions apply – see the Official Rules for full details.

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What is in it for you

One winner per challenge will be selected and each winner will win a cash prize of USD 10,000.

In addition, over 120 hours of dedicated coaching and mentoring from experienced technology and business leaders will be offered to competition finalists. Some finalists may also be considered to participate in a «proof-of-concept» or pilot program with UBS after the competition or enter our UBS Next investment pipeline.

See our rewards page for more details about the prizes

Female Founder Award

This year, UBS is introducing a new Female Founder Award which recognizes a female founder or Business Lead of a start-up business. As a partner for women entrepreneurs, we are keen to support female founders in their ambition to succeed.

Our recent analysis on «The Funding Gap» shows how female entrepreneurs receive less funding than their male counterparts. Our competition program is providing specific mentoring tailored to female founders, and connects them to our female innovator networks.

Timeline and Process

The application deadline is August 6th, 23:59:59 CEST.

We will not consider any submission made after the deadline.

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Once we have evaluated all eligible entries, we will select the finalists for each challenge and announce who the finalists are no later than September 30, 2021.

Each finalist will receive mentoring from the panel of experts assembled by UBS for the competition to develop and refine the proposals further. Finalists will then pitch their proposals on the following dates to their respective Challenge juries.

UBS 2021 fintech challenge timeline - UBS [Submission deadline: Aug 6]:  Future of Finance Challenge 2021

Learn more about the UBS Fintech Challenge and Register --> here


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