UK Investment Crowdfunding Platform Seedrs Releases 6 month Infographic


Posted by Craig Asano | NCFA Canada | January 24, 2013




SEEDRS, the UK online platform for investing in startups releases a 6 month post launch infographic here.

Highlights Include:

  • Average days to fund a campaign was 39 days
  • Average funded entrepreneur age was 34
  • 83% of funded entrepreneurs were male
  • Average investor age was 38
  • 93% of the investors were male
  • 59% of investors had not previously invested in a start-up

SEEDRS allows people to invest from £10 up to £150,000 in the start-ups they choose, and allows entrepreneurs to raise up to £150,000 in equity capital for their start-up.

Seedrs infographic

Click to view the FULL SEEDRS 6 month infographic --> here