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Unicorn CEO sees distributed work as the future

IMD | Jun 20, 2022

Oyster Tony Jamous - Unicorn CEO sees distributed work as the futureHelping organizations hire talent from anywhere will give new opportunities to workers living outside of the world’s wealthiest cities and reduce our impact on the climate

Oyster is a global employment platform that allows companies to hire remote workers anywhere in the world. Every aspect of the employment process can be administered through the platform - from local legalities that govern contracts to payroll rules and health and pension benefits. The onboarding time and cost saved by corporates who use the platform is considerable, said Jamous.

We enable our customers to grow rapidly and efficiently by tapping into a globally diverse talent pool. What used to take months can happen within weeks on the Oyster platform.  Hiring outside tier-one cities enables a reduction in headcount costs of anything between 30 to 70%, while bringing people in some countries life-changing salariesWe also enable them to deliver equity and fairness consistently across geographies.

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Oyster’s one-stop shop offers its clients the prospect of hiring anywhere in the world, thereby saving them money, while extending opportunities way beyond their home territories. According to Jamous, the platform offers a much-needed solution in the current macro-economic climate, where organizations are being urged to reduce overheads and create efficiencies.  

“Capital has become more expensive and macroeconomic conditions have changed. It has become a question of how to pivot the strategy from ‘growth at any cost’ to ‘efficient growth"

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