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Usage of AI: From Virtual Dealers to Predictive Analytics in Canadian iGaming

April 5, 2024

The Canadian gambling industry has advanced significantly over the past few years. Technology advancements, like artificial intelligence, have played a major role in the growth of the industry. As more online casinos embrace AI technology, they are finding new ways to improve the online experience.

AI can play a vital role in the security of gambling sites. With 24/7 monitoring, suspicious behaviour can be detected immediately. This technology can also be used to expand the game selection in live casinos by developing virtual dealers.

Want to learn more about how AI is affecting the online casino industry? You’re on the right page. Keep reading as we cover the key ways the Canadian gaming industry is putting AI to use.

Virtual Dealers in iGaming

Let’s start with virtual dealers. Many Canadians enjoy joining virtual rooms where they can play along with other gamblers against a live dealer. While these games provide a lot of fun online, there are some flaws that can be worked out with AI technology.

For example, AI dealers can be utilized for game rooms with faster play. Of course, speed of game play is a personal preference. Players who want to join in a room with others, but want to play instant games may prefer using AI-driven live casinos.

With AI, players won’t have to wait on dealer changes or other interruptions. They can log on and enjoy uninterrupted games with other gambling enthusiasts.

AI-driven Customer Experience

AI can be used to enhance the gameplay for each individual player. The algorithm is used to adapt to members’ patterns and behaviour. By analyzing these factors, online casinos can tailor the experience for each member. This allows everyone that uses the platform to have an easier time finding games that match their interests.

It’s not just the gaming section where AI gets put to use. This technology can also improve the customer support experience. According to the experts at CasinoRIX CA, many online casino live chats are launched by chatbot.

When customers initiate a chat, they will have to wait in queue for the next available agent. A chatbot is used to scan the customer’s inquiry and if possible, provide a detailed answer or a link to a page with information that can help them. Some platforms even use this technology to help link customers to the right support agent.

Predictive Analytics for Player Retention

Imagine logging into an online casino, and all of your favourite themes and software developers are up front and center for you to choose from. The casino industry has tens of thousands of games to choose from and hundreds of reputable software providers that supply them. AI can collect data on players’ behaviour analytics and patterns by curating the best selections.

This can be a game-changer for both the player and the online casinos. When members get bored of a game, they tend to abruptly stop playing and leave their casino accounts dormant. This technology can be used for churn prediction.

Basically, to prevent the casino members from abandoning the online casino, this technology is used to pick up on the members’ patterns. When casinos target patterns early enough, they can use strategies (ie suggested games or tailored promotions) to keep the members interested.

Responsible Gaming Measures

Whether you’re logging in to place a quick CFL sports bet or using a Canadian online casino to play your favourite slot games, responsible gaming measures are crucial. Some people are concerned that the rise of AI technology might be used to keep vulnerable players lured into the service. But it’s actually being utilized to do the opposite.

One of the issues with online casinos vs land-based casinos is that there is nobody to monitor the scene. Land-based casino employees are familiar with regular patrons and can keep an eye on the scene to monitor for suspicious behaviour. AI algorithms can be utilized to detect early signs of problematic gaming behaviour. This can be a huge step forward for online casinos to intervene.

Future Prospects and Conclusion

As AI technology makes its way into the online gambling market, there will be some significant changes that will improve the experience. This technology can be used to create a variety of thrilling games that will keep players interested.

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Casino members will also be able to enjoy a more personalized experience based on the games that interest them. However, what really impresses us about this technology is how it's used to monitor the service for safety, security, and protection.

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