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Using an AI Writing Tool: Pros and Cons

Sep 10, 2022

Pros and cons of AI Writing Tools - Using an AI Writing Tool: Pros and Cons

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Artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools have come a long way. They are developing quickly and no longer only help with grammar and spelling. They can also help with researching, outlining and creating content. However, they are not foolproof enough yet to cut out human writers. They can supplement your writing process, but yor input is still very necessary whether you’re writing essays, reports or business-related content.

It will save you time

One of the major benefits of using an AI writing tool is that it will save you time. The most difficult phases of writing are often getting started, organizing an outline and beginning the first draft. An AI writing tool can help you with all of these aspects and give you a clear roadmap to follow.

The speed at which an AI tool can generate content is much faster than you can produce. While you may take an hour to research and write a 1000-word article, an AI tool can do it in a few minutes. This improves the scalability of your writing work.

You will go through a learning curve

You may have a learning curve when you first start using an AI writing tool. They all have different interfaces and features. Most of them feature tutorials to help you if you run into difficulties.

What an AI tool puts out relates to the information you give it. You have to make your instructions very clear because it can’t read your mind. Today’s AI tools allow you to give various instructions, such as what tone of voice to use. For example, you can ask for the tone of voice to be persuasive or instructive.

If you give AI tools enough to work with, the quality they produce is better. For example, they can even help you to write a good conclusion from all the headings used in an article.

You can’t skip the research stage

Along with generating sentences and paragraphs, some AI writing tools can also provide you with facts and figures they get off the internet. As a student, you shouldn’t rely completely on the information they gather to write your assignments. AI tools may rely on outdated sources of information or inaccurate data and then produce content around it. They aren’t as discerning about their sources as you have to be as a student.

You can’t afford to skip the research stage that goes into traditional essay writing. When doing academic writing, your research is extremely important, and you need to accurately cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. You can use essay writing services to help you do this correctly.

It can’t do beyond what it’s programmed to do

What an AI tool produces is impersonal, and you need to humanize your content. You can’t afford to leave out your perspective and the human touch that makes the writing engaging. An AI tool doesn’t have emotional intelligence and cannot yet understand the nuances of language. This is why human content still outperforms AI content.

An AI tool can’t produce new, imaginative or creative content. It won’t build an emotional connection with readers. Adding creativity to content is what makes it engaging and sharable.

If you’re studying business management, you will learn that customers expect the human touch. They want to know the person behind the business. The content you produce has to show this and encourage their trust. They won’t buy from a business unless they trust it.

You must edit and proofread

An AI tool can come up with writing that doesn’t make sense. It relies heavily on algorithms and data analysis to write content. Machine-written content generally does not read as smoothly as human-written content. The wording may be clumsy, and the quality may be lacking. It is crucial to edit and proofread each and every sentence. If you don’t, you’re taking a risk because there may be something irrelevant or repetitive in what it outputs.

You can use an AI tool to source ideas, paraphrase passages, support your research etc., but you can’t rely on it to produce your content from start to finish without your input. An AI tool can help you with your dissertation writing, but the final result could be full of errors and plagiarism. Using dissertation writing services instead will allow you to submit quality content that’s free of plagiarism and has the ability to get you desired results in your academics.


There are some obvious pitfalls that come with using AI writing tools, but they also offer some benefits, such as speeding up and scaling the writing process. AI writing tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated in what they can do. However, they are not able to replace human writers entirely and are only as effective as the people that use them. You need to see an AI tool as a writing assistant rather than an end-to-end solution.

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