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Valour Inc. Launches First Yield-Bearing Bitcoin ETP

DeFi | May 15, 2024

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Innovative Yield-Bearing Bitcoin Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) by Valour Inc.

Valour Inc., a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, is partnering with the Core Foundation to launch the world's first yield-bearing Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). This innovative financial product aims to provide investors with returns directly from blockchain operations, specifically through Core Chain's block rewards, without the need to move Bitcoin off its network.

  • Unlike traditional passive Bitcoin instruments, this ETP provides active yield, deriving income from blockchain operations without transferring the underlying Bitcoin off the network.
  • The collaboration utilizes the Core Chain, a Bitcoin-powered, EVM-compatible blockchain that integrates Bitcoin miners and stakers into its security protocol. This strategy enhances the utility of Bitcoin and introduces new investment mechanisms within the blockchain ecosystem.

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  • As part of the initiative, Valour Inc. will manage a validator node on the Core Blockchain. This involvement boosts the blockchain's security and efficiency and also positions Valour to capitalize on validator commissions, strengthening its role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. The strategic commitment is further underscored by Valour's plan to stake $100 million in Bitcoin with the Core Chain. This significant investment demonstrates confidence in the platform's stability and the long-term viability of yield-bearing Bitcoin assets.

Who is Involved

The key players involved in this initiative include:

  • DeFi Technologies: The parent company of Valour Inc., which specializes in bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance.
  • Valour Inc.: The subsidiary of DeFi Technologies that developed the ETP.
  • Core Foundation: Collaborates with Valour to leverage the Core Chain technology for the ETP.

Why It's Important

This development is significant because it represents a novel integration of traditional financial mechanisms (like yield from investments) with the emerging technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. By offering a yield-bearing ETP, Valour Inc. not only enhances the utility of Bitcoin as more than just a speculative asset but also promotes its use in more diverse financial portfolios. 

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As these ETPs blend the boundaries between decentralized finance and conventional financial systems, they might influence future regulatory frameworks and market structures.

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