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VoPay Launches TXB Solution for Banks and Credit Unions

VoPay | Release | May 29, 2024

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VoPay announces TXB, an API-first solution to enhance transaction banking and cash management for banks and credit unions

Canadian fintech, VoPay, just announced the release of its Transaction Banking (TXB) solution, which aims at assisting banks and credit unions to implement API-first transaction banking and cash management systems.  The TXB solution offers an API-first architecture, which makes it seamless to integrate with existing systems. With this approach, banks and credit unions can take advantage of automated transaction workflows, which will result in enhanced operational efficiency​.


  • TXB enables North American financial institutions to launch a range of API-first solutions that address virtual accounts, multi-layer ledger management, multi-currency cash management, process automation across various payment rails, and real-time visibility and centralization of cash.
  • White-label global payments to send, receive, and manage accounts and payments anywhere in the world, building modern, automated, and API-led experiences with dynamic payment tracking.  Receive end-to-end visibility across the chain, from initiation through to beneficiary credit, and information about the movement of the payments, charges, and even the timing of credit.

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  • Smart routing optimization for cost-effective and rapid delivery with better principal protection.
  • Initiate API payments and collections on-demand with US ACH, CAD EFT, Push-to-Card, RTP, and more.

Hamed Abbasi, Co-Founder and CEO of VoPay:

"We are thrilled to unveil TXB, the latest evolution of the VoPay platform. This launch is a direct response to the evolving needs of businesses as we continually strive to anticipate and address the next frontier in business solutions, empowering organizations to scale and operate with greater efficiency. I am immensely proud of the innovative spirit exhibited by our team and the unparalleled uniqueness of this product. With unwavering support from our partners and customers, TXB is poised to elevate VoPay to new heights on a global scale."

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Why This Matters

VoPay’s TXB technology transforms transaction banking for financial institutions that use API-first structures to improve security, efficiency, and operational performance while enabling banks and credit unions meet growth goals and offer better services to their customers.  TBX will become available July 1 to existing customers.   Not a customer?  Speak with a specialist here.

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